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What is the difference between Lip Gloss and Lipstick?

Lip Gloss is a category of lip cosmetics. Lip Gloss is a viscous liquid or thin paste, rich in various highly moisturizing oils and glitter factors, and contains little wax and color pigments. It is bright and translucent, moisturizing and thin for Lip Gloss; after coloring, it makes the lips moist and three-dimensional; it is especially outstanding when pursuing special makeup effects.

Lipstick is generally paste-like, used for coloring, has the effect of protecting lips and locking water, and is relatively long-lasting, that makes the lips ruddy and shiny, moisturizes and protects the lips, increases facial beauty and corrects the contours of the lips. The lipstick is shaped into a paste form, with few highly moisturizing oils and less flash factors, and more waxy and color pigments. The oily transparency and moisturizing properties are not as good as lip gloss: but the adhesion on the lips is higher, especially in the non-marking technology. But it is usually not as moisturizing as lip gloss. The advantage is that the colors are mostly brighter and the durability is better.

The advantages of traditional lipsticks are high color saturation, strong color coverage, and because it is solid, it is generally not easy to overflow due to deep lip lines. It is the most suitable to modify the lip shape and lip color.

“Lips are not used to speak, but to be sexy!” The famous saying originated from the French supermodel, which shows how important lips are to women. Perhaps, you have always thought that your lips are not full enough, the shape of your lips is not perfect, and the lip peaks are not three-dimensional… In fact, these are irrelevant. The really attractive lips are those that look delicate and soft, with a natural rosy color, and these can be achieved only through a high-quality lip gloss and a series of skilled application techniques.

what is lip gloss one

In ancient times, Cleopatra used a mixture of beeswax, crushed insects and carmine to dye her lips. Since then, women have been obsessed with highlighting lips as an important facial trait. This practice has been popular intermittently for centuries due to the different levels of social acceptance. It wasn’t until Hollywood stars really turned lipstick into a beauty must-have. Since first lip gloss was launched in 1998, lip makeup has become more colorful. Since then, lip gloss has gradually replaced matte lip gloss. The packaging of this slender vial, which resembles enamel and pearl-like natural luster and super smooth lip gloss, is becoming more and more popular among consumers.


The ingredients of Lip Gloss:

  1. Lipstick pigments: organic pigments or minerals give different colors to the lip gloss.
  2. Wax: Make the lip gloss have a certain cohesion and effectively outline the lip shape.
  3. Vitamin E and other natural plant extracts: protect lips, moisturize and moisturize.
  4. Some special ingredients: give different lip glosses different coloring effects, and meet the different needs of users.

The Advantages of Lip Gloss:

Applying Lip gloss can show women’s sexy, charming, moisturize and protect the lips, increase the beauty of the face, and correct the contour of the lips. It is a must lip cosmetic for modern women.

How much does Lip Gloss or lipstick cost If I want to create my own brand?

It’s NOT expensive indeed but difficult for storage. Let’s share you tips on how to make your own lip gloss line by yourself homemade.

1st, you need to buy the following material including Vaseline, Oil like Jojoba, sweet almond oil or Vitamin E Soft gel, Olive oil and Aromatherapy base oil

2nd , empty container like cup, wine glass and A jar with lid or lip gloss tubes with cap, brush head applicator wand.

3rd , A set of food coloring, a bottle of essential oil, used for antiseptic and added fragrance, or you can use Tea tree oil or lavender oil instead.

4th,starting make it:

Firstly, dig a large vase of petroleum jelly and place it in the empty container, then put it in the microwave oven and turn for about 2 minutes (it varies depending on different heat tools) or use boiling water to isolate and heat, until all the petroleum jelly melts into a transparent oil;

Secondly, add the oil, pigment and essential oil to the oily petroleum jelly and stir evenly. This action must be fast so that the pigment can be evenly melted. The blending oil is about 1.5ml (depending on the final product volume and the consistency of the lip gloss you want). For essential oils, adding 2-3 drops is enough

Thirdly, the color formula, for the rainbow pigment I used, there are four colors, the formula as follows. Adding a few drops at a time is enough. Don’t be afraid that even if there is residual pigment, it can be removed, and food coloring is completely acceptable:

Orange = 1 red + 2 yellow

Purple = 3 red +1 blue

Dark green = 1 red + 4 blue + 1 yellow

Lime green = 3 yellow + 1 green

Sea blue = 4 blue + 2 green

You can figure out other colors slowly. The specific color depth depends on your own preferences and you can figure it out by yourself.

Forth, Sterilize the jar or lip gloss tubes with wand head brush applicator with alcohol or by UV disinfection, and pour the evenly stirred petroleum jelly into it. Clean up the residual petroleum jelly on the edge of the jar, and let the whole jar stand for a while to flatten the surface by itself.

Fifth, leave the semi-finished lip gloss to cool completely or put it directly into the refrigerator to cool. You can use it after cooling down. The moisturizing effect is very good, the ingredient is green, the color can be whatever you want, it will not be a lip gloss with strong coverage, but there will be a light color and a lipstick stack which is pretty good. In terms of color, you can also press eyeshadow into powder to adjust a small amount of makeup for heavy mouth makeup

Following the steps, you can make about 3 or 5 bottles, it will cost you about $50 but it is so difficult to store, not made under GMP workshop, only handmade at home for personal use. If you really to start your own makeup line, it’s NOT a good way. You need a clean professional GMP cosmetic factory to help your dream come true. We have professional RD team to develop new formulations, new design, QA team and premium machine to examine the raw material in order to keep safety. All of our lip gloss, lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara, lip liner pencils are vegan, cruelty free, natural ingredients.

Can I know the average cost of makeup line making if I choose your factory?

As for average cost of makeup, here we only can tell you the estimated one because it varies depending on quantity, formulas or packaging. For lipstick or lip gloss, we have millions of existing formulas, if you choose our formulation and packaging, for a new starter, we allow you to start with the LOW MOQ at 50 to 100pcs to try your markets first, in order to promote your brand, we can screen print your logo on the lip gloss or lipstick tubes and packaging boxes, it’s called private label lip gloss or private label lipstick, private label cosmetics, total at about USD300, I think it’s an affordable cost.

For eye shadow, the MOQ stand will be 30 palettes with your logo printing, we have 12-color eyeshadow palette, 24-color eyeshadow palette, 25-color eyeshadow and 48-color eyeshadow for your options; in addition, we also custom make any design packaging.

eyeshadow color printing


There are also eyelashes for big sale, we have 3D mink false eyelash, 5D mink hair lashes with cotton terrier, 3D printing logo on the eyelash packaging box.

eyelash logo print

What does MOQ stand in manufacturing If I want my formulas?

MOQ in manufacturing, it means Custom made, we need to customize design, packaging box, formulas, ingredients according to your requirements, the MOQ at least 12,000pcs for lipstick or lip gloss, 5000 palettes for eye shadow; 1000pairs for eyelashes, you will ask why the MOQ raises so high? Because we need to purchase the ingredients in our market, if our domestic market doesn’t sell the rare ingredients, we need to import or the factory will customize; for the packaging, if you need the shape in unique, the packaging factory must develop the mold to customize your packaging, that’s why we need MOQ.

The classification of Lip Gloss:

Crystal lip gloss: Transparent crystal lip gloss is very popular among young women, especially in the warm season, it will add unlimited charm to your transparent makeup. The resin component in the lip gloss can make it adhere to the lips for a long time without being absorbed. It can be used alone or on lipstick. After use, it seems to apply a layer of bright lip oil to the lips, which looks crystal clear and transparent, making the lips long, fresh, bright and moving.

Light-colored lip gloss: It is a translucent lip gloss with rich colors and a lustrous effect. This light-colored lip gloss will form a natural and slightly transparent color on the lips, which looks moist and beautiful. In particular, burgundy and light red lip glosses have a rosy effect, which makes the user look white, healthy and natural.

wholesale lip gloss shade one

Bright color lip gloss: The color is more intense than the previous two, suitable for fragrant makeup and use on grand occasions. With Its less translucency, and it can cover the original color of the lips and even the lip lines after application.

Pearlescent lip gloss: Adding shiny pearlescent powder to the lip gloss, which makes the lips look shining with the brilliance of stars. Especially under the lights of the prom, it looks dazzling and luxurious, and the effect is relatively long-lasting.

Dyed lip gloss: The color will be imprinted on the mouth, and it will not be wiped off at once. Liquid lip gloss, containing jojoba oil, absorbs quickly, enhances moisturizing effect and elasticity. It can be used before lipstick or used alone. Compared with general lip gloss, dyed lip gloss has more natural color and better water resistance after use.

How to apply Lip Gloss?

1) Apply on natural lips. Dip a lighter lip gloss with a lip brush, brush it on the center of the lips, and then gently faint. It can give people a cool and refreshing feeling in the hot summer.

2) Matching with blush. Choose a lip gloss of the same color as your blush and brush it on your lips to show that your makeup is professional.

3)Apply on lipstick. Apply a layer of lipstick and then a layer of lip gloss to make the lips thicker and brighter.

4)Apply to the center of the lips. First outline the lip shape with a lip liner, apply lipstick, and then apply lip gloss only to the center of the lips. This is a very fashionable painting method with a charming personality.

squeeze lip gloss clear swatch

Lip gloss should not be applied too thick, it will easily take off the makeup, and even fade when drinking water and talking. In addition, if you apply a thin layer of lip gloss, the lip gloss will last longer and it will not feel greasy.

The choice of lip gloss varies from person to person, the following tips only for your reference:

  1. Choosing lip gloss is to be made according to skin color. For example, yellowish skin is suitable for orange or coral lip gloss with yellow tones. Avoid using pink lip gloss with blue tones. Dark-skinned people must not use neutral colors such as brownish red, chocolate red, and light gray. They can choose high-key lip glosses containing golden or pearl glitter, or low-key lip glosses such as translucent brown to show a flamboyant or elegant temperament.
  2. Lip gloss should also be selected according to your tooth color. For example, if your teeth are yellow, you should avoid cold-toned lip glosses such as purple, peach and orange, and if your teeth are gray, you should abandon brown lip gloss. For pale lip color, it is best to use pink and peach lip gloss to create a good complexion. For dull lip color, use a small amount of foundation before applying lip gloss to increase the hiding power. Try to avoid using pink lip gloss with poor hiding power. You can choose a high-key red or rose pearl lip gloss, or a low-key brown or brown lipstick to help cover this “variegated fire lips.”
  3. Finally, girls can also choose the color of lip gloss according to the occasion. For example, they can choose coral and pale pink lip gloss when dating to make themselves look younger and more innocent. When commuting, it is best to choose some lip gloss that can make you look dignified and neat, such as nude pink or a slightly darker light coffee color, light brown red, and pay attention to the lip color not to be too gorgeous and frivolous. If you are attending a more formal banquet or meeting with your elders, you can first cover up the lip color with foundation, then use taupe lipstick as the base, and then apply a layer of coral red or dark berry lip gloss to give people a mature and stable look. feel. Pay attention to avoid using bright lip gloss, so as not to make people feel frivolous.

How to apply lip gloss perfectly for beginners?

Generally speaking, it is uniform, compliant, clear outline, pure color, not dirty, not heavy or not jammed.

Application steps of Lip Gloss

1st first step: Use a foundation that is similar to your skin tone to make a primer on the lips, so that the lip gloss will show more color and restore the original color of the lip gloss. Especially for those with darker lip color, be sure to use foundation or concealer for primer first.

Step 2: Apply lip gloss, starting from the lower lip, dip a little bit of lip gloss with a lip brush, brush it on the center of the lips, and then gently faint and apply evenly, avoiding too much.

Step 3: After applying the lip gloss, to prevent it from getting on your teeth, you can put your finger in your mouth and tap your finger lightly. The part of the lip gloss close to the teeth will be reduced, and it will be more sexy.

The differences between lip gloss and lipstick:

1ST difference: Texture

  1. Lipstick is the most primitive and common lipstick. It is generally solid, and the texture is dry and harder than lip gloss.
  2. Lip gloss is generally gel-like. There are many new products that are also cream-like, but they hydrate immediately when applied to the lips. This is the biggest difference from lipsticks. The lip gloss is in the form of a viscous liquid or a thin body paste, rich in various highly moisturizing oils and glitter factors, and contains little wax and color pigments. Bright and translucent, moisturizing and thin.

2nd difference: Moisture

  1. Lip gloss is more watery than lipstick. After applying it, the lips should look more moisturized, and the gloss should be more three-dimensional, but the moisturizing effect of lip gloss is far inferior to lipstick.
  2. The lip care effect and skin feel of lipstick are not as good as lip gloss, and it is not moisturizing enough. It often makes people feel that the lips will be dry after 1 hour. Therefore, you must apply lip balm to moisturize the lips before applying lipstick.

3rd difference: formula

1.Lipstick is generally solid, and the texture is dry and harder than lip gloss and lip tint, the lip care effect and skin feel are not as good as lip gloss and lip tint, and it is not moisturizing enough. It often makes people feel that the lips will be dry after an hour. Therefore, you must apply lip gloss to moisturize the lips before applying lipstick.

  1. The lip gloss is in liquid formulation with brush head applicator wand. Generally, the color of lip gloss is thicker than that of lip tint, the covering power is stronger, and the color is richer. The effect of solid lip gloss is similar to that of lipstick.

4th difference: usage

Apply the lip gloss directly to the lips, evenly and naturally. Many young girls only use lip gloss instead of lipstick. The advantage of this application is that it is more convenient, even if you don’t need to apply it to the mirror, it is no problem. At the same time, it will not look very old-fashioned, and it will not only make the lips feel fresh, but too rich. If you want a higher color saturation, you need to use lipstick or lipstick as a primer, and then apply a layer of lip gloss.

After the lip balm is primed, use a lip liner to draw the ideal contour line, and then apply from the corners of the upper lip to the middle of the lips. After finishing the outer side, gradually apply to the inner side until it is all covered. Gently press your lips with facial tissue to remove excess oil. If you want the lipstick to last longer, you can gently press your lips with a tissue and apply a second coat.

There are almost no restrictions on lipstick and lip gloss, but you have to consider it according to your lip condition. Generally, lip gloss is more suitable for young girls, because the sparkling or luster texture will make it more girlish.

Although there is difference, they are still good lip cosmetics in life, due to personal preference, someone choose lipstick and someone choose lip gloss, both are perfect. No matter how you choose, private label screen printing your logo is available. If you want to learn more, please review this post about how private labeling on lip gloss or lipstick.

Highly appreciated your taking time to read this post.

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