private label lipstick line

What is Private label lipstick line?

Private label lipstick line meaning lipstick manufacturers are willing to produce lip makeup products from lipstick, matte lipstick, matte liquid lipstick, solid lipstick, jelly changing color lipstick, velvet lipstick, cream lipstick, lip scrub, lip serum and between anything, and leave the tubes and packaging boxes in blank without label or logo, these all can be custom made or printed private label according to your designs, free samples to try and approve before your order.


lip gloss tube and packaging

Private label lipstick Biotech Company is a global private label cosmetic vendor both wholesale and custom manufactured all kinds of makeup products including lipstick, liquid lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow, eyeliner, lip liner pencil, mascara, eyelash, hair wigs and etc. We pursue premium quality including raw material, formulas, shades test and production process, achieving many certificates by international authority like GMPC,FDA, SGS, all cosmetics are accordance with the EU rules.

lip gloss glitter base factory certificates

Q:How does private label lipstick line work?

A:It’s easy to understand, we provide you the already manufactured lipsticks, and make a template of catalogue for your options, someday, when you are looking to create your own brand logo lipstick line, our sales teams will show you catalogue, luckily some of them catch your eyes, you could submit your logo information. Generally, we use screen print, hot stamp and custom label sticker for private label lipstick line.

The lipstick tube is the outer packaging of the lipstick. The plastic tube, silk screen, is a printing technology, which belongs to stencil printing, that is to print pictures and texts on the lipstick tube used by the curved screen printing machine.

Due to its physical characteristics of silk screen on the lipstick tube , the printed effect will have an elegant looking. The feature of screen printing on the lipstick tube is that the ink will be thicker, and you will find that the graphics on the lipstick tube are a little bumpy, which feels very textured and looks relatively high-grade, not fading or falling off while scratching.

Some pictures and texts are pasted custom label sticker printing. The silk screen of the lipstick tube should be better than that of the labeling film. When pasted, the paper film will be warped after a long period of use, which will affect the appearance.

Example for logo printing

private label lipstick linePearl Lip Gloss Wholesale Cosmetic Custom Logo packagelogo sketch drawing and real logo done on lipstick and package box

White label lipsticks means that you have developed lipsticks including formulas, ingredients, packaging which are already made by lipstick manufacturers and this product can be packaged into the third company’s own brand logo according to the brand image of their companies.

There are two types of white labels, one is the standard white label, which means that the formulations or packaging of the lipstick itself cannot be changed, but only changes on the brand name on the lipstick and packaging for the purchasing company.

The other one is the custom/customized white label, which is to develop more customized functions that meet the company’s needs on the basis of the original product according to the company’s industry and needs. The white label is now more popular because it greatly shortens the developing process and expands the company’s business faster.

The cheapest way for private label lipstick line is to choose custom label stickers on lipstick tubes and packaging boxes, if you just want to try your markets and Less budget for now, no problem, you can use label stickers instead, we have Coated paper, PVC transparent, Dumb silver with hot stamp your brand logo, still beautiful but to save you money.

the effect look of labe stickers on the empty lisptick tubes

custom label stickers

We also can provide you special service on private label lipstick line, if someone does want to use their unique packaging tube and box for the lipstick, that’s okay, there are a large variety of lipstick tubes and packaging boxes with different colors caps for your option, no minimum order quantity required for choosing lipstick tubes and boxes, it reduces your investment cost to some extent, by the way, we can customize any shades or formulas according to your design, only 5kg per shades for minimum order, it’s the very best for beginners to start their own brand lipstick line, no stock pressure or expensive investment.

Options for empty lipstick tubes

lip gloss wholesale tube packaging

  • we also can customize the empty lipstick tubes and paper box by your design, size, color.

empty lip gloss tubes manufacturer packaging design drawing

  • the material of packaging tube will be glass, ABS, PP, PE plastic

lip gloss wholesale no label typographic


  • you can select the paper material for color packaging box, here are example paper material for your reference

paper options for packaging box

  • printing color and typographic on the color paper box

technical process for color box

What are the benefits from private label lipstick line?
  • The advantages are as follows:
  1. Reduce investment in fixed assets such as plant and equipment;
  2. It reduces the occupation of production funds and the risk of market expansion;
  3. Concentrate on design, research and development, sales, save time and cost investment;
  4. You can give full play to your own advantages and hand over production-related technology and work to professional enterprises, which can improve product quality and shorten the production cycle.
  5. With your own brand name, less competitors.
Q:How to choose lipstick to build my own brand label?

A:There are thousands of lipsticks designed by lipstick vendor, sometimes, we love all of them but we can’t afford to purchase all, so it’s a little difficult to pick. Here are some tips:

  • When choosing a lipstick shade, you must first have a basic judgment on your skin color. Observation the complexion after wearing the jewelry, Gold jewelry is a warm color, diamond gold jewelry is suitable for cold skin, and if you are suitable to wear two colors of jewelry, it is neutral skin. Chinese people generally have warmer and neutral skin, which determines that when we choose red lipstick, we cannot choose some very exaggerated colors like European and American girls.
  • Pinkish shades are suitable for cold and white skin, while red and orange shades are more suitable for warm and neutral skin. For a basic grasp of the tone of lipstick, it is also important to pay attention to the texture of the lipstick.
  • Matte-type velvet lipsticks are often more obvious, but the lip lines are one of its shortcomings. If you want to apply matte lipsticks, you need to work harder on daily lip care; water-light lipsticks are its shortcomings.

Also pay more attention to the maintenance of the lips. Referring to the color of lipstick, lipsticks are used to apply lip cosmetics, there are various colors, different colors of Lipsticks will bring different temperament to people.

If you want to make your lip makeup plump, sexy and elegant, it is very important to choose a lipstick that matches it. Lipsticks on the market are divided into lipsticks, lip sticks, lip tint, lip balm, liquid lipstick , lip glosses and other types, cream finish on lipsticks are one type, and other lipstick products are also improved on this basis. Despite the emergence of many lipstick products, cream lipstick still ranks first.

Example for lipstick shade Texture

wholesale lipstick texture

hydrated liquid lipstick private label finish

hydrated liquid lipstick private label swatch on lips

Q:How much does it cost to start a private label lipstick line?

A:As for cost on private label lipstick line, it varies from quantity, business scope of the lipstick manufacturer and your requirements.

First, you need to find a reliable lipstick supplier and research its background, requesting samples to try formulas and evaluate whether it suitable for your needs, you need to prepare your brand logo.

There are many color shades on lipsticks, for example, you decide to choose one kind of lipstick from our existing already made template about taking 10 shades, 20pcs each shade, totally 200pcs, its expectation spending about $400 to $700 ; if you want to change or add some recipe to our lipsticks, it’s okay, just let us know the formula information then we can make you sample to approve.

Q:Where to find private label lipstick manufacturers to make my own brand?

A:Maybe you can find the best sellers in your local area, buy from friends or social media but the prices are all higher because they are middle men, not the original lipstick manufactures, so you’d better search by internet like google, when you type “ private label lipstick manufacturer”, there are many results coming out, you will identify and choose one suitable for you, for example, when you search and find the lipstick manufacturer called private label lipstick which is from China, original private label cosmetic supplier, offering you affordable factory prices, a wide range of lipsticks and lipstick packaging, custom formulas or packaging, we have GMP certified workshop, international advanced equipments, skilled employees, sound and steady management in cosmetic line for over 20 years.

Q:How do I know whether you are my best private lipstick line vendor?

A:1st,Factory Audit, Audit or evaluate the factory in accordance with certain standards. Enterprise “inspection” activities have been popularized among Chinese export companies, accepting “inspection” by multinational companies and intermediary agencies.

2nd, Quality inspection, also known as quality inspection or production capacity assessment, refers to auditing the factory according to the quality standards of a certain purchaser. Its standard is often not a “general standard” which is different from system certification.

Just trying to get more information you need including check their production lines, factory scale, concerning production period for peak season or off season, their certificates, virtual online workshops.

Quality inspection is actually the same as inspection. Only a set of practical, effective and feasible quality management system running in the factory can ensure that the products produced by the factory are qualified and can be shipped on time.

At the same time, the factory must be considered comprehensively. The production capacity and equipment, staff productivity, etc. That is to tell customers that we have the ability to fulfill your order according to quality and quantity.

wholesale lipstick workshop

Q:Are there any minimums for private label lipstick line?

A:The exciting information is that we offer private label lipsticks with low minimums to buyers around the world, thus you can control the cost and investment interesting items, we allow you to buy assorted styles of lipstick, liquid lipsticks, lip gloss or lip balm from private label lipstick supplier as your private label lipstick line.

With different types of lipsticks and shades launched to your customers, you will boost the sales instantly. Are you guaranteed the quality of private label lipsticks? Of course we do promise all of our lipsticks manufactured by GMP workshop, no harmful to human body or lips, not tested on animals, for first time, we encourage you to test our samples, to ensure no loss on creating your own brand lipstick line.

Free samples at most 8pcs totally, but air shipping cost should be borne by you, because we need to establish business relations based on equality, mutual benefits and respect.

By the way, we also provide eyeshadow, lip liner pencil, mascara, eyelash, liquid foundation, highlighter powder as well as human hair wigs for your private label.

Q:Can I buy mixed items like a few lipsticks, lip glosses and eye shadow or lip liner?

A:If you just buy these products no logo, that is okay, you can take it like that, we have them in stock; if you want to take these and imprint your brand name, sorry, you can’t do this, there is different space or gap between eye shadow, lipstick and lip liner, your logo size or shape is not fixed or the same when printing, it’s like twice or more times to printable logo, but you could mix the same styles like lipstick, lip gloss.

Q:Is private label lipstick line profitable?

A:Yes, it’s very profitable, especially screen print your own brand logo, it’s a unique and exclusive lipstick of yours, no need to beat prices with your competitors who hold the same items.

The profitable of Private Label Lipstick line is always more than wholesale lipstick, because you have the right to keep the cost down easily, like buy a few lipsticks to test, if you wholesale lipstick of other brand, they must limit you to spend at least $1000 or more money to distribute in some area, to some extent, it controls your efforts and money, then lose power to invest other cases.

But to build your own brand name lipstick line, we allow you to start small order to test markets, the profit margins will be about 50% for private label lipstick line, if you don’t have any enough warehouse to store the lipsticks, our company can drop ship to worldwide for you, we have a successful & convenient air carrier system to facilitate your new business, an online tracking number on each order to monitor and trace the order status in a timely manner, I am sure you are luckily to find a private label lipstick supplier like us in China.

private label margin rising

Private Label Lipstick manufacturer is always here ready to work with you, cheap factory prices, assorted lipsticks and no minimum order required is your best option to start your own brand lipstick.

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