What is Lip Gloss Tube?

What is lip gloss tube ? Lip Gloss Tube is an empty beauty cosmetic packaging bottle, there are different styles including ABS,AS, PP,PE plastic lip gloss tubes and glass lip gloss tubes, the lip gloss tube is used to store lip gloss or lip matte liquid, which is small in size and convenient to carry, all of our lip gloss packaging tubes containers are manufactured from high quality eco friendly material including PETG, ABS,AS,PE, PP, each product is designed by famous artwork, popular and fashion style, widely used in cosmetics packaging line.

Lip Gloss tubes refillable with brush head applicator and wand, soft and comfortable, easy to apply the lip gloss, so that the liquid gloss or matte could be applied to lips without dripping, with its advantages including durable, non-toxic, safe, portable size and light-weight, easy and convenient to carry and store. They are Suitable for containing your liquid gloss or matte and eyelashes growth serum, stopper design with no leaking.

Private Label Lipstick is a leading professional manufacturer and supplier of all beauty cosmetics packaging including transparent and frosted empty lip gloss tubes body as well as silver, gold, shiny, matte, black, luster , diamond and rose gold lip gloss tube caps, both wholesale no logo  lip gloss containers, lip gloss tubes, lip gloss tube packaging, lip gloss squeeze tubes. There are many sizes and colors of caps, mainly transparent body for lip gloss tubes, few are in Gradient black lip gloss tubes and some are colorful body lip gloss tubes. There are no difference between clear, gradient black and colorful body lip gloss tubes, it varies on different volume capacities. Currently, we have 3ml,4ml,4.5ml, 5ml, 6ml,6.5ml,7ml,8ml,9ml,10ml lip gloss tubes on promotion.

Private Label Custom Lip Gloss tubes packaging company and Vendor can customize any size, color, shape of lip gloss tubes, lipstick bottle, lipstick tubes, lip balm tubes, eyeliner tubes, mascara tubes, cosmetics packaging, lip gloss packaging, lip gloss containers, lip gloss squeeze tubes, lip gloss packaging tubes, lipstick containers, lip gloss bottle, liquid lipstick bottles, liquid lipstick tubes, lipstick containers according to your design as long as you accept MOQ6000pcs. Our cosmetic packaging products are mostly exported to more than 100 countries.

If you are new to lip gloss tubes line or want to know more about how to create a makeup line, you’re lucky to find china lip gloss manufacturer called private label lipstick vendor, we encourage you to try our existing lip gloss tubes free samples to feel first before your bulk order, there is no minimum so you can pick and select what you need from our lip gloss tubes template.

What’s ABS material?

ABS material has outstanding comprehensive performance: good chemical resistance, long service life, good heat preservation, saving heat preservation cost, smooth inner wall, no scale, no bacteria, high impact strength, strong creep resistance, and can replace stainless steel , Rubber-lined, galvanized pipe, it is both safe and cost-effective! This product can be widely used in chemical, light industry, mining and metallurgy, oil field, electronics, pharmacy, brewing, food processing, construction, civil water and sewage and other fields, It can transport various corrosive media and high-purity media, especially suitable for water treatment and environmental protection systems. This product is resistant to corrosion, acid and alkali.

What’s AS material?

AS plastic Acrylonitrile-styrene copolymer (same as SAN), acrylonitrile-styrene copolymer

It is not easy to produce internal stress cracking, has high transparency, and its softening temperature and impact strength are higher than PS. AS scientific name benzene

Ethylene/acrylonitrile copolymer, also known as SAN. It is an excellent transparent material. The appearance of AS is water white,

It can be transparent, translucent or opaque. Non-toxic.

Most of the applications of AS are based on its transparency, such as lamps, pens, lenses, signal lamps and car lamp housings,

Lighter, speedometer glass, toys, wine glasses, crafts, decorations and packaging materials, etc.

AS has a high heat distortion temperature, hot food or boiling water is no problem. It can be boiled and sterilized. But by

It contains polar acrylonitrile segments in AS. In the microwave oven, the container itself will be heated by microwave, and its temperature is very acceptable.

It exceeds the softening point and even the degradation temperature of the material, so it cannot be heated in a microwave oven.

At present, there are three common plastics on the market: polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride. Among them, polyvinyl

The body is toxic and cannot be used to package food. The other two are non-toxic and can be used with confidence


What’s PP material?

PP material

It is a crystalline polymer. Among the commonly used plastics, PP is the lightest, with a density of only 0.91g/cm3 (less than water). Among general plastics, PP has the best heat resistance, and its heat distortion temperature is 80-100°C. Boiled in boiling water. PP has good stress cracking resistance and high bending fatigue life. It is commonly known as “percent plastic”. The comprehensive performance of PP is better than that of PE material. PP products are light in weight, good in toughness, and good in chemical resistance. Disadvantages of PP: low dimensional accuracy, insufficient rigidity, poor weather resistance, it has post-shrinkage phenomenon, after demolding, it is easy to age, become brittle, and easy to deform. In daily life, the commonly used fresh-keeping box is made of PP material.


What’s PETG material?

An amorphous copolyester. With the increase of CHDM in the copolymer, the melting point decreases, the glass transition temperature increases, and the crystallinity decreases, and finally an amorphous polymer is formed. Generally, the content of CHDM in PETG is 30%-40%. It has good viscosity, transparency, color, chemical resistance, and resistance to stress whitening. It can be thermoformed or extrusion blow molded very quickly. The viscosity is better than acrylic (acrylic). Its products are highly transparent and excellent in impact resistance. It is especially suitable for forming thick-walled transparent products. Its processing and forming performance is excellent. It can be designed in any shape according to the designer’s intention. It can use traditional extrusion, injection molding, blow molding and suction. Molding methods such as plastics can be widely used in the market of sheet materials, high-performance shrink films, bottles and profiled cosmetics packaging. At the same time, it has excellent secondary processing performance and can be modified by conventional machining. PETG is an amorphous copolyester whose products are highly transparent and have excellent impact resistance.


What’s PE material?

PE is called polyethylene, which is the simplest polymer organic compound, and is the most widely used polymer material in the world today. It is polymerized by ethylene.

Divided into low molecular weight and high molecular weight

Low molecular weight: liquid, colorless, odorless, insoluble in water, density 0.92g/cm3, can be used as lubricating oil and coating;

High molecular weight: generally solid, milky white, with large thermoplasticity, waxy to the hand, and the density is between 0.92 and 0.96 g/cm3. It is corrosion resistant and has good insulation properties.

PE belongs to plastics, which is soft, flammable, easy to process, insoluble in water, and has little water absorption.

Commonly used to make: electrical insulating materials; used as materials for resisting corrosion chemical reagents, can be used as chemical structural materials; used in packaging.


No matter what material the lip gloss tubes are, we all can hot stamp screen print your private label on the lip gloss tubes.


Personalized Custom Lip Gloss Tube with LED lights at the sides of top cover

Lip Gloss Tube, it belongs to the field of cosmetics, and particularly relates to a lip gloss tube for low-light auxiliary lighting.


The lip gloss tube is an advanced packaging container, which is hygienic, convenient and practical, lightweight ,beautiful, and affordable. It is one of the most commonly used products in the cosmetics industry.


However, the existing lip gloss tube is inconvenient to use in low light; the switch setting of the lip gloss tube with supplementary light function is not reasonable and has no sweat absorption function; no mirror device or don’t have a liquid level observation function.


A lip gloss tube for low-light auxiliary lighting is provided, in order to expand the application scenarios of the lip gloss tube and increase the convenient and practical functions of the lip gloss tube.


In order to solve the above technical problem, a lip gloss tube for low-light auxiliary lighting is disclosed, which includes a top cover, a middle sleeve and a bottle body. The top of the top cover is provided with a groove, and the middle of the groove is provided with a through hole; the upper part of the middle sleeve It is provided with a threaded protrusion and an inner plug, the threaded protrusion is movably connected with the bottom of the top cover, and the bottom of the middle sleeve is tightly connected with the bottle body; at least one side of the bottle body is provided with a lens groove in which the lens groove is embedded , The lens groove and lens are square or oval; the inside of the top cover also includes light supplementary components, which include key gaskets, LED lamp holders, LED lamp holders, key switches, batteries, LED lights and connection sets, and key gaskets It includes the top of the gasket and the bottom edge of the gasket. The top of the gasket fits and passes through the groove. The bottom edge of the gasket is round and its diameter is larger than the inner diameter of the groove; the LED lamp holder is located at the bottom of the key gasket, and the middle part is provided Passing through the key switch card slot, the top of the key switch is provided with a contact, and when the assembly is completed, the contact of the key switch is located in the top of the gasket; the positive electrode of the battery is matched with the bottom of the key switch, and the negative electrode of the battery is matched with the top of the LED lamp cap; LED The bottom of the lamp holder includes at least one LED lamp; the connecting sleeve is fixedly connected with the inner plug, and the connecting sleeve is provided with a lamp hole, which is adapted to pass through the LED lamp. The bottom of the connecting sleeve is provided with a brush rod, and the lower end of the brush rod is provided with brush.


One side of the bottle body is provided with a lens groove, and the bottle body is provided with a liquid level perspective hole on the symmetrical side of the lens groove.


The symmetrical two sides of the bottle body are provided with lens grooves, and the other two sides are provided with liquid level perspective holes, and the liquid level perspective holes are continuously distributed downward.


A sweat-absorbent cap is also embedded in the middle of the top of the gasket.


A stagnant groove is provided on the brush rod. The cross section of the top cover and the bottle body is round or square. There are two LED lights, at least one rubber ring is embedded on the outside of the top cover.

lip gloss tubes with led lights black cap

And How is Lip Gloss Tube working?

It’s helpful to use Turntable semi-automatic machine to fill lip gloss, mascara and cream liquid cosmetics. Semi-automatic filling machine for mascara and lip balm, used to produce lip gloss, mascara and lip balm. The working process is completely automatic mechanical filling, pressing the inner plug, inserting the brush and locking the cover, and the finished product is output on the conveyor belt. The method of Working: manual loading of lip gloss tubes or mascara bottles-automatic filling (2PCS at a time),automatic filling in, manual brushing, automatic lock cover , automatic ejection of finished products to the sorting conveyor belt, automatic delivery to the checkweigher, automatic checkweighing.


How can I make lip gloss tubes by myself?

For personal, I don’t think you can do that because we need equipment and material, it cost us too much money and efforts on, but don’t worry, we are also a personalized custom lip gloss tubes company at affordable prices and low minimum order quantity, there are generally silk screen print, hot stamp, color print, custom label stickers and logo printing stickers. There are a full range collections of lip gloss tubes template in our factory, in your first time to purchase, we encourage you to try our lip gloss tubes to feel its style and artwork, if you like them, you could buy in large quantity, in addition, we can allow you to buy assorted styles including different styles, different shapes and different sizes, of course you can select what you want from our lip gloss tubes template and designs, they are all in fashion, new design artwork.

After you approval samples, you will make a decision then let us know whether you need us to print your private label on the lip gloss tubes, if yes, just email us your own logo in AI, CDR or PDF original file, then our engineer will make the sketch drawing for your confirmation, the mass production screen printing logo will be started in about 3 days after your confirmation and the production period will be about 3 or 5 working days depending on the order quantity.

By the way, your own design could be custom made according to your requirements, your pictures or real samples, we can make samples for your confirmation.


How many styles of lip gloss tubes are there in your manufacturer?

The existing lip gloss tube includes two main parts, a lip gloss tube bottle and lip gloss tube container with brush wand applicator, which are generally divided into two types, namely, a squeeze lip gloss tube and a rotary lip gloss tube, lip gloss squeeze tubes use packaging materials such as hoses.

Squeeze lip gloss tube:

custom lip gloss squeeze tube more caps custom lip gloss squeeze tube mouth

Lip gloss tubes with brush head applicator and wand

custom lip gloss tube packaging selections

custom lip gloss tube stopper

There are many styles like round thick-walled lip gloss tube, frosted lip gloss tube, round lip gloss tube and square lip gloss containers and etc. Let’s share the main information of these styles:

What is round thick-walled lip gloss tube? A round thick-walled lip gloss tube includes an outer cover, an inner plug, a support bone, a bottle and a brush head; the lower part of the outer cover is an open structure, and the top of the support bone is fixedly embedded in the opening of the lower part of the outer cover. The bottom end of the bone is detachably installed with a brush head; the lower part of the support bone is a rod structure, and the brush head is detachably installed at the bottom end of the rod structure; the inner plug is pressed into the bottle mouth at the top of the bottle . The brush head and the support bone are connected by disassembly and assembly through the installation groove and the mounting head. The cylindrical structure at the top of the support bone and the lower opening of the outer cover are bonded together with hot melt glue to form a cover. Components: After the inner plug is pressed into the bottle, it becomes a bottom component that matches the cap component, and is combined with the cap component to form a round thick-walled lip gloss product after being loaded into a special material.

lip gloss tubes manufacturer design

frosted lip gloss

pink lip gloss tubelip gloss container no logo candy

What is frosted lip gloss tube? A frosted lip gloss tube, including an outer cap, a bottle, an inner plug, a brace and a brush head. The top of the brace is fixed and embedded in the lower cavity of the outer cover, and the bottom end of the brace is also fixed with Brush head; the bottle mouth at the top of the bottle is connected to the inner ring of the top of the support bone through a threaded connection; an inner plug is embedded on the mouth of the bottle at the top. In the matte lip gloss, the brush head and the support bone are combined by a punching process, and then bonded with the outer cover with hot melt glue to assemble the cover assembly; the inner plug is pressed into the bottle to become the same as the cover assembly. The matched bottle bottom assembly is put into a special material and combined with the cap assembly to form a finished product.

matte round tube with baby pink cap

How do you ship your lip gloss tubes?

Due to fragile of lip gloss tubes, we often pack them with air bubble bag, 6pcs per pack, then put them into the thick carton box, one carton will contain 300pcs or will custom packed according to your required way. We will ship by air depending on your quantity at 3000pcs, then provide you air tracking numbers after the order ships out, so you can trace the order status online.

6pcs lip gloss tubes each pack with air bubble bag

six pieces lip gloss tubes packed well

Does the liquid gloss flow back out when fill in the lip gloss tubes?

No, it’s not flowing back when filling the liquid gloss or matte into the lip gloss tubes.

Lip gloss is a slightly dense liquid that modifies the shape and color of the lips. Its biggest feature is that the color is natural and rich, and it contains various highly moisturizing oils and glitter factors. After coloring, it can make the lips moist and three-dimensional. People’s favorite. In the existing lip gloss tube, the inner plug will be jammed when the cap is tightened. This is because when the cap is tightened, a seal is formed between the brush rod and the inner hole at the bottom of the inner plug, so that the brush rod is screwed into the lip gloss tube body and then the tube body The gas is compressed, causing the gas pressure in the tube to be greater than the outside atmospheric pressure, forming a reverse thrust to the inner plug. The lip gloss tubes we use can prevent the impulse phenomenon.


What should I do when I receive lip gloss tubes in defects?

Please don’t worry friends, when you receive the lip gloss tubes in defects, it’s normal because it’s a long journey transit, due to violence transport handling of express, sometimes, some broken ones are out of our control, you can take pictures and contact us within 24 hours until receiving them, every order before shipment, we did take pictures and confirm with express, so we need to talk with courier first, then consider how to compensate for you. We will give you a satisfactory answer on defects.

Thanks for your watching! We care what you care! Let’s grow together!

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