Straight Human Hair 360 Lace Frontal Wigs PH796

360 lace closure toupee, Transparent lace Frontal straight human hair wig natural color.

  • Product name: Straight Human Hair 360 Lace Frontal Wigs
  • Product No.:PH796
  • Color: natural black
  • Type: wig
  • Length: 8-20 inches available
  • Density: 130%,150%,200%
  • Material:100% human hair
  • Application: head
  • Benefits:print logo, dropshipping and customized
  • MOQ:10pcs
  • Origin:China
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What is 360 lace frontals wig?

360 degree lace wig means that the wig is surrounded by lace, and the center is made of other materials without mesh,but its breathability is still good, because there is lace all around, it can provide a natural hairline, you don’t  worry about the mesh bottom being too obvious to be seen.

Straight Human Hair 360 Lace Frontal Wigs Details

Inverted lace frontal 360 straight hair wigh at wholesale cheap prices with size at 22.5*4*2 inches, one size fits all, you can adjust by the strap that suits your head.

Lace Front 360 Human Hair Wigs custom

Straight Human Hair 360 Lace Frontal Wigs

Lace Front 360 Human Hair Wigs straight Lace Front 360 Human Hair Wigs strap

  • Breathable

There are a lot of fine holes on the lace, which can achieve ventilation effect, which can greatly reduce the degree of scalp sweating and help the skin to breathe, Ideal for people living in hotter areas.

  • Comfortable

The lace wig is smooth to the touch, light to wear and even makes people feel that they are not wearing a wig. At the same time, it can also stick to the scalp without hurting or damage its natural scalp, so it is very comfortable to wear.

  • Natural look

The natural appearance is the most proud feature of lace wigs, each hair sewn individually tied to the mesh and can be freely swayed in any direction, giving a feeling of growth from the scalp, making the wig look more natural and attractive.

  • Inspection quality before shipment

Non toxic, no shedding, no tangle, no formelyde

This feature can provide more opportunities for hair style design. You can comb your hair at will, comb forward, middle part, three or seven parts, and even comb back, no need to worry about the deformation.

Lace Front 360 Human Hair Wigs transparent Lace Front 360 Human Hair Wigs size

More options for hair textures, we can customize any kinds of texture according to your design, picture or sample.

Lace Front 360 Human Hair Wigs

Straight Human Hair 360 Lace Frontal Wigs

Lace Front 360 Human Hair Wigs warehouse

Straight Human Hair 360 Lace Frontal Wigs

Style 360 Lace Frontal Wig
Texture Straight Hair
Length 8-22 inches
Material 100% human hair
Color 1#b natural color
Restyle Iron, dye,curly even bleach
Lace Swiss or French Lace
Hairline Pre-plucked
Combs 4 comb, one among each side, front and back
Net Cap size Average size with adjustable straps
Circumference 22.5*4*2 inches
Frequently Asking Questions:
Q:How many pieces do I buy for my head?

A:For average head size( the circumference of the medium head is 22-22.5 inches), you will need bundles for a full head below listed, only for your reference:
10 to 22 inch: 2-3 bundles
24 to 34 inch: 3-4 bundles

Q: How long could this product last?

A:It can hold the same shape& last for a very long time depends on how you treat it. Treatment like your own hair and take good care of,  it will last longer at least 18 months.

Q:Can I dye/color the hair by myself?

A. The hair can be dyed, ironed ,straightened and do whatever hairstyle you like. Generally speaking, it is easier to darken the hair than to lighten. We recommend dyeing darker, since it is difficult for the original colour to fade. Improper dying will ruin the hair. We highly recommend you to ask the hairdresser to dye the virgin hair, because coloring by yourself will take a risk of not coming out the shades you want, and costly money on bleaching.

Q:Can I dry wig with hair dryer?

A:When you wash the wig, please avoid using hair dryer to blow, put it on the stand and dry naturally, it can last long time to some extent.

Q:What length should I buy/purchase?

A:All bundles could be measured by stretch to straight instead of its own curls because average wavy and curly hair does have about 2 or 4 inches shrinkage.

For reference:

What is the most natural-looking wig measurement

Q:How to tell apart human hair and synthetic hair?

A: A easy way to cut few pieces then burn with lighter, because human hair has natural protein. If it’s leaving white ashes and smoke after burning, it’s human hair material; on the contrary, synthetic hair on burining, it shows black smoke and a sticky ball at the end of the hair.


Real Human hair bundles with closure uk test

Q:Can you customize for me?

A:Yes we can customize any color, texture and length according to your design, sample or pictures; 5kg each length,color and texture.

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