Private Label Lip Kits and Sets Matte Liquid Lipstick + Lip Liner Pencil PL219

Are you looking for best private label lip kits and sets 2021? A wide range of best selling lip kits and sets to get perfect lip cosmetics from private label lipstick global vendors. What are lip kits?

Private label lip kits—luminous packaging for private lalel lip kits(matte liquid lipstick + lip liner pencil)

No logo lip kits wholesale at factory affordable prices

each lip kit contains: one matte liquid lipstick and one lip liner pencil

Dimension of packaging box:14.5*3*1.6cm, weight about 40 grams

also could be sold by seperately eg, matte liquid lipstick or lip liner pencil seperately

private label lip kits

Each Lip Kit contains a lip liner pencil or lip roller and a matte liquid lipstick or lip gloss, it’s also called lip combination set, more shades for options. Private Label Lip Kits &Sets Lip Gloss + Lip Liner Pencil.

Matte lipstick lip kits—matte lipquid lipstick with brush applicator+lip liner

lip kits brush head applicator

Best lip kits—Makeup lip kits dimension

lip kits dimension

Private Label Lip Kits and Sets Lip Gloss + Lip Liner Pencil

How much does each lip kit cost? It varies depending on how many sets you will buy and whether printing your logo, if you just buy our existing no logo lip kits and sets, it’s about USD4.69 each lip kit; if you want to screen print your own brand logo, you will be charged logo printing cost based on your current logo in one single color.

Cosmetic lip kits with more than 21 color shades

lip kits

Your private label on cosmetic lip kits are available with small minimum order, free samples to try.

Lip kits—color swatch of matte liquid lipstick and lip pencil combinations

lip kits swatch

private label lip kits with 2 kinds of packaging box

lip kits packaging