Private Label Hydrojelly Mask PF663

Transparent Hydrogel Mask Sheet, Super Hydrating Skin Rejuvenation Easily Absorbable Collagen Crystal Mask, both wholesale and OEM customized your private label no minimums.

  • Product name:Private Label Hydrojelly Mask
  • Product No.:PF663
  • Color:white
  • Type: mask sheet
  • Material:Collagen, Rose Oil
  • Application: face
  • Benefits: print logo, dropshipping and customized
  • MOQ:1,000pcs
  • Origin:China
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How to order

This is a wet Hydro jelly facial mask sheet, with collagen cosmetic seurm embedded in, directly use.

Very fragile, must not pick with fingernails.

It’s well packed collagen hydrojelly face mask sheet, let us know how many packs.

We will send you a confirmation sheet and invoice for payment.

In addtion, we can print your logo on the outer packaging.

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Private Label Hydrojelly Mask customized

Private Label Hydrojelly Mask Details

  • Firming & Rejuvenating
  • Moisturizing
  • Brightening skin
  • Transparent texture
Quality Material Guaranteed:
  1. Organic and Natural Material;
  2. No irritation, no allergy;
  3. No Chemical ingredients;
  4. Strong water adsorption ;
  5. MSDS and SGS test reports.

Private Label Hydrojelly Mask

Private Label Hydrojelly Mask

Private Label Hydrojelly Mask product

Private Label Hydrojelly Mask

Private Label Hydrojelly Mask logo

Private Label Hydrojelly Mask

Private Label Hydrojelly Mask info

Dense water molecules are easier to absorb, directly infuse nutrients into the skin.

Private Label Hydrojelly Mask effect

The below listed chart shows that lack of collagen, we can see sagging skin in the right chart.

So we need collagen supplement for our skin regularly, to keep our skin reappear like baby’s skin.

Skin comparisons between full of collagen and lack of collagen:

Private Label Hydrojelly Mask factory

Highlights of Hydrojelly Mask Sheets:
  1. Deep hydration—hyaluronic acid strongly hydrating, deely moisturizing
  2. Conditioning the skin— cermide added, repair skin barrier, suitable for sensitive skin
  3. Firming and rejuvenating—active peptides, effectively reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles and firm the skin

Private Label Hydrojelly Mask moist

Visible water-soluble collagen, no medium and easily absorbed by the skin.

After application, just put it into 50 degree warm water, stirred to dissolve, then the collagen can be turned into essence liquid, you can applied on hands, feet and other parts of the body, no waste at all.


Private Label Hydrojelly Mask custom

No heavy metals exceeded in this Collagen Hydrojelly sheet mask, please don’t worry about safety.

For reference:
Testing Parameter Method&limits Limit(direct contact with skin) Test Result
Pb   ng/kg 0.1 0.2 N/A
Cd    ng/kg 0.01 0.1 N/A
Cr     ng/kg 0.1/0.01 1/0.02 N/A
Sb     ng/kg 3.00 30.0 N/A
As      ng/kg 0.20 0.2 N/A
Cu     ng/kg 2.5 50.0 N/A
Co      ng/kg 1.0 1.0 N/A
Ni       ng/kg 1.0 1.0 N/A
Hg      ng/kg 0.01 0.02 N/A
Results qualified qualified qualified

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