PL111 Custom Vegan Lip Gloss Design your own Lipstick Supplier China

12 colors matte non-stick cup lip gloss

moisturizing waterproof liquid lipstick without logo


Hot stamp, private label, screen print options for your choice, your design could be custom made according to your requirements.

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Custom Vegan Lip Gloss Design your own Lipstick Supplier China Details

It’s a square tube filled with liquid, matte, shiny, glitter, pearl or diamond finish to meet your needs, the original patented stopper design packaging without leakage, made of PP,big brush applicator wand, both wholesale and custom manufactured in a simplified way.

How do you make your own lip gloss line? Many people wants to create their own lip gloss but not know how to start. From private label lipstick factory, you can buy everything related lip gloss filling accessories you want, for example, DIY build customized lip gloss

  • you need an empty tube packaging, we have ABS,AS for lip gloss tube container, there is a stopper and brush applicator with wand, various cap options; you can choose from 4ml, 5ml,8ml,10ml,12ml capacity;
  • there are more than hundreds of colors shades for choice, we allow you mix and match colors like shiny, pearl, matte, and finish to build your own unique cosmetic lip lines;
  • easily design your custom lip gloss line by screen printing your logo

All of our lip makeup products are vegan,cruelty free, no worry about quality.

These one stop shop steps will be completed by our factory, you have enough efforts and time to boost your business.

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