PL007 Silk Screen Print Logo Lip Balm

This is a lip scrub with round can and brush applicator, with its benefits of fine and smooth paste, good moisturizing effect and easy-take away.

lip cream for dry lips

lip balm open

Best lip balm for dry lips which is a moisturizing lip cream with organic plant formulas to hydrate, relax and protect your lips from the stresses of environmental pollution.

lip balm

Creamy finish, moisturizing, anti-drying, fine beige and hot pink lip colors in two colors packaging, white and black; round shape button container with big brush applicator, easy to use.

Private Label available for 50pcs assorted colors, recycle and Not Tested on Animals.

private label tinted lip balm China Manufacturer offering you two colors packaging

lip balm white packaging lip balm black packaging

Lip Balm

Lip Balm private label on the packaging boxes and cans with your own name.

lip balm box