PL002 Private Label Shiny Lip gloss with diamond cap

Custom manufactured lip gloss or plumper with your private label from a full range selections vendors in China.

15 color shades available

Shiny glitter pigment

No transferring

Long-lasting application

ABS Round clear lip tube with diamond cap

Our shiny lip gloss should be Not tested on animals; Vegan ; Hydrated; 24 months validity after use

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Private Label Shiny Lip gloss/plumper

When it comes to lip gloss, ladies will definitely not be unfamiliar. That little vermilion is the finishing touch on the face. It is a litter shinier and more moisturizing than traditional lipsticks. Autumn is on the way, and your lips are extremely dehydrated, so hurry up and choose a lip gloss to add color and moisture to your lips.

With benefits of soft, smooth and moisturizing in texture as well as with unique Glitter & luster Technology, rich in shimmer particles, the shimmering lip gloss gives beautiful lips a translucent, crystal-clear, water-like clarity and moisture. It feels moisturizing after use and protects the lips from drying. Apply thinly and evenly for easy touch-up. Make your appearance lasting and attractive.

While caring for lips, make you sparkling, and the dazzling luster brings you countless envious eyes, an exceptionally moisturizing, luminous, plumping liquid lipstick that gives you a true sense of plumper! The premium formula with cocoa butter, vitamin E gives lips five-star pampering, soft ,soothing and more than expected.

shiny glitter lipgloss swatchlaboratoryproduction line

Options for privte label printing:

Private label your logo and brand name on the packaging tube and boxes are available, 50pcs for assorted colors; logo printing color will be custom made at your choice. There are still more than 1000 styles of packaging, maybe some of them you are interested in, by the way, your design also could be customized by us, FREE SAMPLING!

All the lip products/lip gloss could be custom made such as custom shades, customized texture/finish, customization packaging boxes, 5kg per color shade. By the way, we have matching lip liner pencils for this shiny lip gloss, as well as a lip kit gift box.

If you accept large MOQ, custom lip gloss boxes according to your design.

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