PF028 Private Label Eyeliner waterproof long wearing

So called eyeliner, everyone should be familiar with it. You can often see that many people draw eyeliner before applying on eye makeup. Eyeliner is an essential step for eye makeup. Eyeliner still has a great effect on the beauty of our entire eyes. The ways of drawing eyeliner as follows:

1st, Inner eyeliner; 2nd, Outer eyeliner; 3rd, Long charming eyeliner;

4th, Drooping eyeliner; 5th, Back half-pack eyeliner;  6th, Front half-pack eyeliner,

7th, Double eyelid eyeliner ; 8th, French eyeliner; 9th, Fishtail Eyeliner; 10th, European style eyeliner.

Private Label Lipstick Factory would like to share How to draw eyeliner with eyeliner gel pen:

Usually, the best waterproof eyeliner is the gel eyeliner. The soft strokes can not only outline the smooth current limit but make the eyeliner very smooth.

  • First, you can gently open the eyelids, mainly because the eyelids may affect the eyeliner. When drawing, start from directly above the eyeball and lay the base with a line of about 1cm.
  • Then extend from the end of the line to the periphery of the eye, just follow the arc of the eye shape, and there is no need to draw an angled line
  • Finally, draw forward from the front end of the first eyeliner, and fill in the line of the eye area. At this time, the line should be thin so that it is not obtrusive.

Self-adhesive liquid eyeliner is also available.

Eyeliner waterproof long wearing

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