PF027 Single Eye Shadow Shades with 1000 colors

New color eyeshadow powder shades like matte, glitter, shiny, shimmer, pearlescent, metallic and diamond single eyeshadow hole in about 25MM.There are still more empty eye shadow palettes, if you need to make DIY eyeshadow, private label lipstick factory is your best vendor.

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Single Eye Shadow Shades with 1000 colors

Here are some clues to DIY only for your reference.

Material: eye shadow empty tray, eye shadow powder, alcohol, cotton pad, bottle cap(the same size as that of eye shadow shades), toothpicks.

  1. Wipe each groove of the empty eyeshadow disc with a cotton piece soaked in alcohol, and let it dry naturally;
  2.  Use a toothpick to crush the eye shadow powder and grind it into the smallest possible powder then get better texture;
  3.  Pour alcohol into the crushed eyeshadow powder, and repeat it in small lots for several times;
  4.  Use toothpicks to mix alcohol and eye shadow powder into cream;
  5. Put the semi-finished eye shadow cream to the empty eye shadow tray, flatten it gently with a toothpick, press it evenly, and let it stand for about half an hour;
  6.  When the eyeshadow is half dry, wrap the lid of the bottle with a cotton pad and press it heavily, thus the whole eyeshadow palette will look more complete and perfect.

More than 1000 color shades, maybe you could have better ways to make DIY eyeshadow, don’t forget screen printing your own brand logo on the beautiful DIY products.

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