PF026 Custom Logo Powder Makeup Brush

The cylindrical brush is the largest of all makeup brushes. Dip it in the powder and swipe it on the face evenly, and the effect is softer and more natural than using a powder puff. It can be used to set makeup or to brush off excess powder, especially for head, neck, shoulders, chest, back and other positions.

Contour Brushes contains powder brush, blush brush, eyeliner brush, lip brush and eye shadow brush.

It is the same volume as the blush brush but flat-headed. The shadows used to outline the face make the contour lines clearer. Brush with short and round hair, used to apply dark blush, brush under the cheekbones to make the cheekbones rise. If you want makeup to look mature, this is the best brush for you.

We not only offer you single big makeup brushes but brushes set, new arrivals waiting for your enquiries(  ) at any time!

Custom Logo Powder Makeup Brush

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