PF023 Crystal Collagen Eye Patch Mask Screen Printing

With the natural ingredients and many nutrients, the effect of eye mask is visible, the skin problems of the eyes, dark circles, dry lines and fine lines left by aging, all can be renewal.

The Key Effects:

Repairing, moisturizing, lifting, tightening, and improving fine lines,

removing the dark circles and brightening the eye area

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Crystal Collagen Eye Patch Mask Screen Printing

Usage Notice:

The eye mask should not be applied every day, because the eye mask is rich in nutrients. If the eye mask is applied every day, the eye skin cannot fully absorb the nutrients contained in the eye mask. If it accumulates on the surface of the skin, it will easily grow fat particles. It is sufficient to apply a deeply nourishing eye mask once a week. If it is an eye mask with deep hydrating and soothing skin, you can apply it once every two days.

There are two packing options, one pair individual pack and 80pcs per jam, body care cosmetic factory will give you more tips on skin care, want to know more?

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