PF021 Charcoal 100% Silk Face Mask Moisturizing

Bamboo Charcoal mask containing Vitamin E, Hyaluronic acid, Mica which is the best source of hydrating, generally, the black mask contains bamboo charcoal, which can play an important role of deep absorption, deep cleansing and some soothing, calming effects.

Five pieces each pack, your custom pack will be made according to your design.

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PF021 Charcoal 100% Silk Face Mask Moisturizing

Usage Tips:

In hot summer, one piece every other day to ensure enough nutritional treatment;

In winter, you could soak the face mask into the warm water under 30℃, before applying, soaking the mask in warm water for a while, the warm mask can penetrate into the skin more quickly, allowing the skin to absorb, and you will get better effect, but pay more attention to the temperature of the soaking mask, avoiding to affect the active ingredients.

moisturizing bamboo mask

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