Organic Sheet Mask Manufacturer PF633

Gold and copper coin pattern mask Unique printing Post-processing Soft skin organic black mask paper, Factory wholesale and Customized with no minimums.

  • Product name:Organic Sheet Mask Manufacturer
  • Product No.:PF633
  • Color:Gold and copper black base
  • Type: mask sheet paper
  • Material:Bamboo charcoal
  • Application: face
  • Benefits: print logo, dropshipping and customized
  • MOQ:1,000pcs
  • Origin:China
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How to order

This is a Bamboo charcoal type of mask sheet paper , no any facial essence, when use, you need to match cosmetic essence what you prefer.

You can choose style what you want then let us know how many packs.

We will send you a confirmation sheet and invoice for payment.

In addtion, we can print your logo on the outer packaging.

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Organic Sheet Mask Manufacturer Details

Product Name: Bamboo charcoal gold and copper coin mask sheet;

Material: Bamboo charcoal base cloth + composite gold film, all kinds of material could be customizable;

Style: Bamboo Charcoal Plain Weave;


Shelf time: 3 years.

Quality Material Guaranteed:
  1. Organic and Natural Material;
  2. No irritation, no allergy;
  3. No Chemical ingredients;
  4. Strong water adsorption ;
  5. MSDS and SGS test reports.

Organic Sheet Mask Manufacturer China

Organic Sheet Mask Manufacturer

Organic Sheet Mask Manufacturer customized

Organic Sheet Mask Manufacturer

Organic Sheet Mask Manufacturer detail

Organic Sheet Mask Manufacturer

Organic Sheet Mask Manufacturer info

Test report of Bamboo Charcoal Gold and copper coin Mask Sheet Paper below listed:

Testing Parameter Method Units Test Result
Composition GB/T2910 % bamboo charcoal  non-woven fabric+gold copper money film
Weight ISO 9073-1 g/m2 60
Thickness PRIUS Standard mm 0.2
Speed of absorbability PRIUS Standard s/10cm 27.9
White degree FZ/T 6402 %
Tensile strength CD dry ISO 9001-P N 50.5
Tensile strength MD dry ISO 9001-P N 48.7
Breaking elongation CD dry ISO 9001-P % 165.3
Breaking elongation MD dry ISO 9001-P % 155.4
Capacity of liquid-absorbability FZ/T 64012 % 1077

Organic Sheet Mask Manufacturer

No heavy metals exceeded in this bamboo charcoal gold&copper coin Sheet Mask Paper, all test datas are complied with international standards, please don’t worry about safety.

For reference:
Testing Parameter Method&limits Limit(direct contact with skin) Test Result
Pb   ng/kg 0.1 0.2 N/A
Cd    ng/kg 0.01 0.1 N/A
Cr     ng/kg 0.1/0.01 1/0.02 N/A
Sb     ng/kg 3.00 30.0 N/A
As      ng/kg 0.20 0.2 N/A
Cu     ng/kg 2.5 50.0 N/A
Co      ng/kg 1.0 1.0 N/A
Ni       ng/kg 1.0 1.0 N/A
Hg      ng/kg 0.01 0.02 N/A
Results qualified qualified qualified
Customization Service:

If you purchase 50,000pcs, we can customize everything what you need.

  • All sizes could be customizable




  • Customized all kinds of material




Cupro Fiber

Bio Fiber

  • All shape could be customizable


Compressed tablet


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