Matte Lipstick Set Wholesale Private Label PL818

To buy wholesale thousands selections of quality matte lipsticks with various tubes option private labeling and creating your own brand cosmetics manufacturing available, separate or combination kits/set from matte to liquid lips providing cruelty free and vegan.

  • Product name: Matte Lipstick Set Wholesale Private Label
  • Product No.:PL818
  • Color: twelve shades
  • Type: lipstick
  • Formula:creamy velvet
  • Application: lips
  • Benefits: customized
  • MOQ:6,000pcs
  • Origin:China
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How to use

  • Gently wipe your lips by tissue to keep a smooth & clean surface
  • Starting to apply lipstick on the lips, glide back and forth times
  • Start with a thin and light layer then re-build accordingly
  • Remove the extra smearing or any mistakes to give your lips a perfect-looking

That will be better effect if you use a lip liner to draw shape before wearing lipstick. It is a 12-color shade combination lipstick set/kit, allowing you to wear different colors every 12 days.

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Matte Lipstick Kits Wholesale Private Label Details

Features & Benefits:
  • Rich pigmented color shades in warm and cool
  • High saturation with natural mineral ingredients including mica, iron oxides.
  •  Vitamin E added to moisture your lips
  • No paraben preservatives used but Phenoxyethanol instead.
  • Grape seed oil is full of rich vitamin, mineral and protein, best suitable for all kinds of skin. with moisturizing and care effect, which can restore the skin to natural flexibility.
Some ingredients and their functions:
  1. There is a faint nut flavor, which gives a full feeling. It is slightly applied to the skin, and will penetrate and absorb quickly, that’s a better way to use jojoba oil when the loss of moisture by your lips.
  2. The effect of shea butter is anti-oxidation, free radicals, skin living, used for anti -aging cosmetics, soften and moisture the lips and maintain balance.
  3. Avocado oil not only rich in vitamin A, B1, D, E, but also contains a lot of lecithin, goes deep into the bottom layer of the skin, help cells repair and regenerating function, and delay the aging speed of the skin, using it to lipstick, promote lips elasticity and plump.

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Matte Lipstick Kits Wholesale Private Label

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Matte Lipstick Set Wholesale Private Label

Matte Lipstick Wholesale Private Label packaging details

Free heavy metal or lead contains.

With velvet finish, matte, long-lasting and waterproof, natural formulation provides the very best and unique care and smooth to the lips, stay all day without crack or dry out.

It’s very easy for us to print your logo or custom manufacture by your design, we will leave print area on the product and packaging box to make your brand or details you want. If you accept large quantity, all kinds packaging including separate or kits could be customized according to your requirements, as well as shades, texture, finish, formula and etc.

How do you make your lips matte?

If you want your lips to be matte after applying lipsticks, you can use a thin and light tissue, press and let it paste on the lip, use the powder foundation or concealer to brush the tissue gently, and pat the lips few seconds, then tear the tissue, you will get a beautiful matte lip.

Does lip liner have to match lipstick color?

To keep consistent, high recommend go for the same color. For example, if you’re wearing a pink lipstick, it’s good to draw a pink liner to avoid clash, some one wants to use a lip liner that’s one shade darker than lipstick color, it’s okay, but not more than 2 shades.