Mask Sheet Paper for Face PF564

Wholesale Beauty salon special grimace, transparent film ultra-thin plastic wrap film mask paper, disposable fresh-keeping mask stickers, as well as customized OEM at low minimums.

  • Product name:Mask Sheet Paper for Face
  • Product No.:PF564
  • Color: white
  • Type: mask
  • Formula:PE
  • Application: face
  • Benefits:wholesale, print logo, dropshipping and customized
  • MOQ:1,000pcs
  • Origin:China
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How to order

  • please let us know how many pieces each;
  • we will send you a confirmation sheet;
Options for private label printing
  1. we can print your logo on the plastic fresh-keeping mask;
  2. the printing color will be up to your choice
  3. we will provide the print area for you to design or add anything what you want; you can add product related information, icon or picture on it;
  4. the print cost will be charged accordingly;
  5. minimum order quantity is 1,000pcs;
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Mask Sheet Paper for Face Details

  • transparent
  • ultra-thin plastic
  • disposable
  • fresh-keeping facial mask

Mask Sheet Paper for Face clear

Mask Sheet Paper for Face

Mask Sheet Paper for Face disposal

Mask Sheet Paper for Face

Mask Sheet Paper for Face fresh keeping

Mask Sheet Paper for Face

Mask Sheet Paper for Face PE Mask Sheet Paper for Face plastic

  1. Light weight
  2. Ultra thin
  3. PE eco-friendly material
  4. Food grade quality

Mask Sheet Paper for Face

How to use ultra thin fresh-keeping film face mask sheet?
  • first apply cream then facial mask sheet
  • pick up one disaposable fresh-keeping mask, please rub it repeatedly until it is layered, to prevent using two pieces at a time
  • apply fresh-keeping mask on the face

Mask Sheet Paper for Face usage

Product Details:
  1. Size of film mask:25*26cm, made of PE
  2. Non toxic or odorless
  3. Disposable mask

Mask Sheet Paper for Face info

Benefits of using fresh-keeping face mask sheet:
  • Slow down water evaportation
  • Reduce nutrient loss
  • Increase facial skin temperature
  • Promote absorption
Under what circumstances to use it?

After basic lotion, when thickly applying cream, wet compress, mask, mud mask, seaweed mask, spa, various skin care methods can be used together

How long to apply?

Wet compress and toner can be used for about 10 minutes. Mask, thick essence, etc. can be applied for about 15 minutes.

The specific time can be adjusted according to the absorption situation.

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