Luxury Lip Gloss Wand Tube Container Vendors Wholesale PT230

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  • Product name: Luxury Lip Gloss Wand Tube Container
  • Usage: filling lip gloss, liquid lipstick, liquid eye shadow
  • MOQ: 300pcs for place label
  • Delivery time: within 5 business days for private label
  • Shipping Method: by air DHL/FedEx or designated
  • Departure Port: Guangzhou/Hong Kong
  • Attention please: only empty tube as default

Luxury Lip Gloss Wand Tube Container Vendors

A wide range of empty lip gloss tubes at affordable prices, fast delivery to worldwide. These unique lip gloss containers with Big brush wand applicator for cosmetic packaging come in different shapes, design, material and colors to meet customers’ need and preferences.

big brush lip gloss tubes empty lip gloss tube wand luxury lip gloss containers with wand tube

How to place order the tube container

  • Please let us know which kind of tube container you want and how many pieces;
  • We will make you detailed list for your check and payment when receive the information;
  • For logo print on the empty tube containers, we need your logo desgin in original CDR, AI or PDF file, image is NOT allowed;
  • Minimum Order: 300pcs;

Options for Label Printing Service Available

  • Your label could be placed or logo printed on the tube containers;
  • If you want  the color box to match the tubes, you need to buy separately, we have some samples for reference and print your logo on it as well;
  • The printing color will be your choice;
  • By the way, the outer paper color box could be custom made by your design/sample/picture if you accept larger minimum order quantity, here are  some paper material only for your choice,
  • The print cost will be charged accordingly, it will depend on your requirements, we are happy to hear from you at
luxury lip gloss wand tube logo

your logo print area

private label lipgloss packaging design

example of color box design

paper options for packaging box

options for paper material of color box

options of color box

floor plan of color box

lip gloss vendors with custom labels custom packaging

example of color box

Packaging Details

Net weight approx.: 5ml;

Dimension of tube: 20mm * 76mm;

Types of tube available: matte body with mint green /pink/orange cap

full pink/yellow/orange/grey/beige

Color paper box must buy separately

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