Lip Gloss Base Manufacturers PL533

This is DIY base material for lip gloss,lip glaze and liquid lipstick, mirror or matte fininsh, moisturizing light, OEM custom logo at small order.

  • Product name:Lip Gloss Base Manufacturers
  • Product No.:PL533
  • Color: mirror or matte
  • Type: lipstick
  • Formula: liquid
  • Application: lip
  • Benefits:print logo, dropshipping and customized
  • MOQ:100pcs
  • Origin:China
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How to order

  • please let us know how many bags you want;
  • we will send you invoice for confirmation and payment.
Logo Printed Serivce:
  1. we can print your logo on the packaging bag;
  2. you can choose printing color like red, black, white, tale, pink, silver and etc.
  3. minimum order quantity is 100 packet;
  4. you will be charged additional printing cost.
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Lip Gloss Base Manufacturers Details

  • creamy texture
  • matte but not dry
  • long lasting&waterproof
  • not fade or sticky cup

Lip Gloss Base Manufacturers color

This is a lip gloss base with waterproof and long lasting fetures.

High quality material and big capacity 200ml each packet.

We also have 50ml, 80ml, 100ml each packet, we can customize any sizes for you.

Lip Gloss Base Manufacturers

Lip Gloss Base Manufacturers info

Lip Gloss Base Manufacturers

Plant Extraction always, no paraben added.

Vegan and Cruelty Free, please don’t test on animals either.

Below listed is moist and shiny lip gloss base, give your lips shining and plump.

Lip Gloss Base Manufacturers moist

Lip Gloss Base Manufacturers

It’s a clear moisturizing and smooth lip gloss base as follows, keep your lips last all day and hydrate.

Lip Gloss Base Manufacturers

How to DIY create lip gloss?
  • put moderate amount of lip gloss base into makeup container, you can choose texture/finish;
  • add a small amount of pigment powder;
  • add 1 gram of olive oil;
  • add 1 or 2 drops of flavor essence according to personal preference;
  • add one capsule of vitamin E;
  • rub the plastic bag or container repeatedly until the pigment powder and lip gloss base are mixed evenly;
  • cut a small hole with scissors;
  • squeeze the lip glss paste into the lip gloss tube, fill 70% of the tube, not too full;
  • press the stopper into the tube and close the cap, finished!

Lip Gloss Base Manufacturers usage Lip Gloss Base Manufacturers quality

Packaging Details:

Size of lip gloss bag in 25ml:101*74mmm, made of PE

the lip gloss base bag is food grade PP or PE, no toxic or odorless.

Lip Gloss Base Manufacturers size

Customized Order
  • Custom texture/finish




  • Customized Package

we can customize any kinds of packaging bag for you, ABS, AS, PE,PETG material for choice

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