Hydrated Face Sheet Mask Private Label PF279

regular application of facial sheet mask give a nutrient, moisturizing and soft face

  • Item Name: Hydrated Face Sheet Mask Private Label
  • Formula Type: essence
  • Material: 384 natural silk
  • Minimum Order: 500pcs
  • Delivery time:  within 3 or 7 working days
  • Shipping Method: by air DHL or by sea
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Special Service:hot stamp print your logo,custom logo and dropshipping

What are advantages of facial sheet mask

  • a cleansing role, remove the oil on the face, accelerate the metabolism of the face, exfoliate the keratin, and make the face cleaner;
  • a role in moisturizing. After it is applied to the face, it provides a closed environment for the face to increase the water content of the stratum corneum and keep the skin of the face moisturized;
  •  a role in whitening, and increase the whitening effect on the basis of moisturizing facial masks. Generally, there is no need to wash after application, and a good whitening effect can be achieved;
  • it has the function of repairing damaged skin, such as prolonged exposure to the sun, and skin damage occurs. You can apply a mask to relieve symptoms.

Hydrated Face Sheet Mask Details

  • Moisturizing,
  • hydrating, nourishing,
  • brightening, firming,
  • anti-wrinkle, repairing allergies,
  • removing redness

Q: Can I use sheet mask everyday?

A:no, it’s enough one to twice a week.

hydrated face mask sheet collage hydrated face mask sheet hydrated face mask sheet private label

Sufficient essence

25 or 30ml essence at the bottom of single sheet mask packet

hydrated face mask sheet serum

Applying effect

hydrated face mask sheet effect

Options for private label and custom manufactured
  • your logo or label could be print or placed on the package and sheet mask

hydrated face mask sheet label

  • more essence, flavor, ingredients, formulas for choice, we fully customize facial mask sheet by your design or sample
  • the packaging can be customized as well
  • ODM/OEM orders allowed.

hydrated liquid lipstick private label certificate

Material for choice
  1. cotton
  2. tencel
  3. bio fiber
  4. natural silk
  5. 198 or 384 silk

tencel material

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