Face Mask Sheet Paper Manufacturers PF630

Lyocell, Freeze-dried powder mask paper Calendula officinalis embedded with Collagen essence, both wholesale and custom manufactured by China Vendor at small order.

  • Product name:Face Mask Sheet Paper Manufacturers
  • Product No.:PF630
  • Color: white
  • Type: mask sheet paper
  • Material:Spunlace non-woven fabric
  • Application: face
  • Benefits:  customized
  • MOQ:10,000pcs
  • Origin:China
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How to order

This is a dry sheet mask paper with Collagen Calendula , disposable, you just need to put it soaded in water or liquid, then automatically display its effects then enjoy skin care spa at home.

You can choose style what you want then let us know how many packs.

We will send you a confirmation sheet and invoice for payment.

In addtion, we can print your logo on the outer packaging.

Business email: info@privatelabellipstick.com

Face Mask Sheet Paper Manufacturers Details

Product Descriptions:

Details: Collagen Compound Calendula Mask Sheet

Weight:60gsm; Shelf-time:3 years

Material: Spunlace non-woven fabric


All sizes could be customizable according to your design/sample/pictures.

Quality Material Guaranteed:
  1. Organic and Natural Material;
  2. No irritation, no allergy;
  3. No Chemical ingredients;
  4. Strong water adsorption ;
  5. MSDS and SGS test reports.

Face Mask Sheet Manufacturers detail

Face Mask Sheet Paper Manufacturers

After in contact with water, this mask sheet paper will be decomposed its effects and drawn.

For reference:

Face Mask Sheet Manufacturers effect

Face Mask Sheet Paper Manufacturers

Pre-cut types Collagen Calendula Freeze-dried powder Mask Sheet, easy and convenient to apply.

Face Mask Sheet Manufacturers

Face Mask Sheet Paper Manufacturers

No heavy metals or paraben used in all of our freeze-dried face mask sheet paper.

  • Calendula officinalis is rich in vitamin A,
  • Prevent pigmentation,
  • Combined with collagen extract,
  • Maintain the flexibility and elasticity of the skin,

The different functional effects of Freeze-dried powder could be customized.

We also can customize according to your design, sample or pictures.

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