Empty Liquid Lipstick Tubes Lip gloss Packaging Containers Vendor PT813

Custom cosmetic packaging tube container manufacturers, suppliers & exporters from China, clear empty lip gloss bottles available in round and square shapes, as well as caps in various styles at affordable prices.

  • Product name:Empty Liquid Lipstick Tubes Lip gloss Packaging Containers Vendor
  • Product No.:PT813
  • Color of Cap: green,yellow,red,blue,beige(white),orange,sky blue,purple
  • Type: lip packaging tube
  • Material:AS
  • Application: lip
  • Benefits:screen print logo, dropshipping and custom manufactured
  • MOQ:100pcs
  • Origin:China
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Empty Liquid Lipstick Tubes Lip gloss Packaging Containers Vendor Details

A wide range of makeup packaging container tubes such as squeeze tubes, pump cap bottle, mascara bottle, screw cap tube, AS,ABS,PP material based on different styles.

DIY create your lip gloss or liquid lipstick at home by using the following tubes:
  • 8ml bottle can be filled 7ml liquid,
  • AS material for cap and bottle, ABS for inner stopper
  • 19.7*95.2mm, 20.2g each
  • varous colors for caps
  • big velvet brush applicator with wand

clear lip gloss tube

Empty Liquid Lipstick Tubes Lip gloss Packaging Containers Vendor

empty liquid lipstick tube design

Empty Liquid Lipstick Tubes Lip gloss Packaging Containers Vendor

empty liquid lipstick tube full catalogue

What is the size of an average lip gloss tube?

The average lip gloss tube will be 5ml,6ml,7ml,8ml and 10ml, for example 8ml will be chose by most people, the liquid capacity is 7ml, the whole tube is 8ml, it may vary on different contents.

The size is Diameter 1.97cm(0.78inches), height 9.52cm(3.75inches), the size of cap 2.14cm(0.84inches). We can customize any kinds of tubes to meet your needs according to your designs. There is ABS,AS,PP,PETG,PE, glass material for options.

How long does a tube of lip gloss last?

Generally speaking, the validate time of cosmetic products are 3 years whatever you open or not, the manufacturers print the expiration date at the bottom of the tube. Please use it as soon as possible when open. For 7ml lip gloss or liquid lipstick, it can be applied for about 6 months when daily wear, store in a cool & dry place and keep out of touch of children.

If you want to extend the shelf life of your lip gloss or liquid lipstick, try to store them in the fresh-keeping layer of the refrigerator after each use.

How to reuse the expired lip gloss or lipstick?

Use it to wipe the silver you just bought to prevent it from turning black. Gently wipe the lip gloss on the tissue, then wipe the silver ornaments with the tissue paper dipped in lip gloss.

It is used to wipe the edges of the fingernails which will be shiny and beautiful, cut lipstick into small pieces, mash them into transparent nail polish and mix well, it is a bottle of diy nail polish. Also can use it to paint on the board.

There is self-adhesive sticker on the wall or the ground, which is difficult to remove, you can apply lipstick on it, then wipe it with a rag, it is easy to wipe off, and there will be some annoying marks on the bottom of the teacup on the table, you can apply lipstick on it and wipe it with a cloth.

Can be used as shoe polish, shoeshine.

If the zipper is astringent, you can use expired lipstick to wipe it, because the lipstick contains oily ingredients

Can you reuse lip gloss tubes or bottles?

By experts not recommend reusing lip gloss bottles or tubes, it belongs to disposable product, if it cannot be completely disinfected, causing bacteria to enter and affect the lip gloss or the lip gloss to deteriorate, it will hurt your lips.

Liquid lipstick tube production:

empty liquid lipstick tube production

Options for private labeling:

Hot stamp print your logo on the tube, the print color will be any up to your choice.

  • Customized all kinds of makeup packaging such as tube, container, bottle, can
  • Custom made material by your design

All material of packaging tubes is ec0-friendly, non-toxic, please don’t worry.

Don’t use hot boiled water to sterilize, but you can use UV light or a hair dryer to blow with cold wind to disinfect before filling.

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