Custom Eyeshadow Palette Manufacturers Wholesale Eye shadow No Labels PY184

Custom Eyeshadow Platte Manufacturers supplying a full collections of luxury eyeshadow palettes, custom logo eyeshadow palette, cute empty eyeshadow packaging, but also custom eyeshadow palette with your logo or pictures and names by high quality. We still wholesale eyeshadow palette without logo too。

Custom Eyeshadow Palette Manufacturers Wholesale Eye shadow No Labels

Private label eyeshadow pigments—26 shades eyeshadow palette wholesale

private label eyeshadow shades

Private label eyeshadow palette— print your logo on the eyeshadow palette

private label eyeshadow front

Private label eyeshadow— eyeshadow palette with outer case hot stamp printing logo

private label eyeshadow


Eyeshadow palette suppliers still offer you cheap eyeshadow with good quality. We are one of the very best eyeshadow Vendors, custom eyeshadow palette with low minimum order, and wholesale eyeshdaow with no labels.

Empty eyeshadow palette with logo—empty eyeshadow palette case

private label eyeshadow front

Dimension:20.8*14.5*1.4cm eyeshadow palette with 24-color shades.

This eyeshadow palette with matte, glitter shades design is a key choice for the eye cosmetics line! If you are new to eye shadow, we encourage you to try our formulas and feel, all luxury eyeshadow from private label lipstick company at wholesale reasonable prices—no minimum required for our existing eyeshadow shades.

Custom Eyeshadow Palette Manufacturers—eyeshadow shades swatch

private label eyeshadow swatches

Options for screen print available

Hot stamp or screen print or custom label stickers your logo on the eyeshadow palette, the printing color will be your choice. Your packaging could be custom mad according to your design too.

Wholesale Eyeshadow Palettes—eyeshadow palette without logo

private label eyeshadow palette with mirror