Bio Cellulose Mask Paper Korea PF652

Face Mask Paper/Cloth factory in Korea wholesale chitin fiber biological mask at cheap prices, as well as customized.

  • Product name:Bio Cellulose Mask Paper Korea
  • Product No.:PF652
  • Color:various
  • Type: mask sheet paper
  • Material:fiber
  • Application: face
  • Benefits: print logo, dropshipping and customized
  • MOQ:1,000pcs
  • Origin:China
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How to order

This is a dry bio fiber facial mask sheet paper, with no any seurm embedded in, when use, please add any kinds of serum what you want.

You can choose style&material what you want then let us know how many packs.

We will send you a confirmation sheet and invoice for payment.

In addtion, we can print your logo on the outer packaging.

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Bio Cellulose Mask Paper Korea Details

Material:biological mask cloth

Mask Category: Non-Compression Type

Product Category: chitin

Quality Material Guaranteed:
  1. Organic and Natural Material;
  2. No irritation, no allergy;
  3. No Chemical ingredients;
  4. Strong water adsorption ;
  5. MSDS and SGS test reports.

How to use bio cellulose mask paper

Bio Cellulose Mask Paper Korea

How to use bio cellulose mask pre cut

Bio Cellulose Mask Paper Korea

How to use bio cellulose mask thin

Bio Cellulose Mask Paper Korea

This is a heavy metal detection report data, no heavy metals exceeded in this chitin fiber mask paper, please don’t worry about safety.

For reference:
Testing Parameter Method&limits Limit(direct contact with skin) Test Result
Pb   ng/kg 0.1 0.2 N/A
Cd    ng/kg 0.01 0.1 N/A
Cr     ng/kg 0.1/0.01 1/0.02 N/A
Sb     ng/kg 3.00 30.0 N/A
As      ng/kg 0.20 0.2 N/A
Cu     ng/kg 2.5 50.0 N/A
Co      ng/kg 1.0 1.0 N/A
Ni       ng/kg 1.0 1.0 N/A
Hg      ng/kg 0.01 0.02 N/A
Results qualified qualified qualified

200 sheets or 500 pieces packed in a plastic bag.

We can customize packaging for you.

How to use bio cellulose mask

Fully Custom Manufactured face mask sheet paper
  • Customize sizes
  • Custom made shape
  • Customized material
  • Customized packaging

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