Bio Cellulose Mask Forever PF650

Coconut Fruit 3D Bio-Fiber/Cellulose Human Skin Mask,Cleansing Mask Sheet for Beauty Salon, forever wholesale with no minimums.

  • Product name:Bio Cellulose Mask Forever
  • Product No.:PF650
  • Color:white
  • Type: mask sheet
  • Material:bio cellulose
  • Application: face
  • Benefits: print logo, dropshipping and customized
  • MOQ:1,000pcs
  • Origin:China
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Do you want to wash it after applying it?

After applying it, massage it first. If you feel it is still greasy, rinse it off with water.

If you feel it is not greasy or stuffy, then you don’t need to wash it.

For dry skin, follow up with lotion or cream to lock in moisture.

How long does the mask apply?

Generally, the gel mask should be applied for a longer time, 20-30 minutes.

Bio Cellulose Mask Forever Details

  • Fits closely
  • Deeply cleanse oil&dirt
  • Super thin
  • skin friendly
  • Disposable
Quality Material Guaranteed:
  1. Organic and Natural Material;
  2. No irritation, no allergy;
  3. No Chemical ingredients;
  4. Strong water adsorption.

Bio Cellulose Mask Forever effect

Bio Cellulose Mask Forever

This bio cellulose mask sheet can Cleanse oil, fat,dirt, acnes, cosmetic cosmetic residue, blackheads from the following chart:

Bio Cellulose Mask Forever functions

Bio Cellulose Mask Forever

Bio Cellulose Mask Forever wholesale

Bio Cellulose Mask Forever

Does Bio Cellulose mask really work?

Yes, it really works; the bio-fiber membrane paper can completely block the essence and quickly introduce the essence into the bottom layer of the skin.

With benefits of skin-friendly, soft,lightweight and breathable, hydrating and moist, it’s widely used in medical area and beauty salon to recover and repair skin wound.

Bio Cellulose Mask Forever works

We can print your logo and product related information on the mask packaging.

For reference:

Bio Cellulose Mask Forever logo

Fully Customized

If you purchase 20,000pcs, we can customize sheet mask according to your design or requirments like below listed:

  • Customized all kinds of material


Bio Fiber

Natural Silk


Cupro Fiber


Mulberry Silk

Any functional mask sheet

  • Customize any sizes according to your design



168 roll

  • Custom made all shapes as well




  • Customization Packaging

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