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More people love to make DIY Makeup Cosmetics like lip gloss, mascara, lipstick, eyelash, it’s really a good way to create unique, PRIVATELABELLIPSTICK factory offers you varieties empty cosmetic packaging, there are empty lip gloss tube packaging containers, empty mascara tubes, empty lipstick tube bottles, package containers, empty tube containers, empty lip gloss tube packages and all cosmetic bottles, if you just start business, SMALL MOQ is allowed, you can buy assorted packages, and silk screen print your private logo is available. We are a make up cosmetic packaging supplier in China, All of these makeup packages are made of AS, ABS, and eco-friendly, do NOT use alcohol to sterilize, you can use blow or ultraviolet sterilization before filling, all of these empty packaging bottles are inspected after finished.

Our normal packing is to put one empty lip gloss tube bottle into plastic bag, one plastic bag contains 10 empty lipstick bottles, then put the compartment air foam every 10 empty packaging containers, or we can pack as your requirement. For example, we did put 5 or 6pcs empty lipgloss tubes in a shock-proof bubble bag, this picture was packing detail from our other customer, we wrapped 300pcs empty lipstick bottle containers by air bubble bags, 6pcs per bag, 5 bags per layer, 10 layers one carton, hope this can help you a lot.

Maybe you want to know what do we do if the empty lip gloss tubes broken when receive? It’s easy, you should take the photos right away when open the carton, and count how many bottles broken, and we will make a confirmation with air courier, then re-send you the good ones at COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE.