How to do if I want to screen print my own brand logo?

Q:How to do if I want to screen print my own brand logo?
A:1st, you should choose the styles from our catalogue;
2nd, let us know the details like which catalogue,color numbers or circle the colors you need to order, and quantity to each color
3rd, if you want to try our formula, of course we can send you 6 or 8pcs free samples;
4th, email us your logo and confirmation details if you approved the samples;
if you don’t have a logo in hand, you just let us know your thoughts then our staff can work one logo for you, it’s completely free if it’s not complex; in addition, we do have more private label done of lipsticks, lip gloss ,mascara for our other customers, maybe they are interested by you to review.
5th: the MOQ of screen print logo on lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner pencil is 50pcs each style but you can mix assorted colors.
6th: you will be charged printing cost and your logo film mold cost

Q: What is the logo film mold ?
A:as for logo mold , it is that putting your logo on the lip gloss tube and package box,

Q: How does logo film mold work?
A:first, we should engrave your logo name into the Film, then, we should develop a mold with engraving your logo name, lastly, silk screen print on the tube and package box; in addition, mold cost is only considered as a prepaid cost, when your order quantity up to 1,000pcs, we will deduct it from the order amount, your kindly understanding will be highly appreciated ;

Q:Do you charge me mold cost every time if I order more later? or If I pay the logo once I’ll never have to pay it again?
A:Here the logo mold cost is one-time charged, in your future orders, if your logo keeps unchanged like size, color, shape, font and etc. , we will not recharge you again, but only printing cost for each piece.

Q: Does the logo mold cost include hot stamping cost in my first order or you charge both?
A:In your first order, the logo mold cost includes your screen print cost, so you don’t need to pay us print cost again.

I hope this above information can help you a lot on how to create your own brand logo on lipstick or lip gloss.

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