How Private Label is working on lipstick or lip gloss

To make private label on lipstick or lip gloss, lip balm eyeshadow, mascara, lip liner pencil, lip gloss packaging tubes, foundation, highlighter, body care, and all luxury cosmetic products, there are generally 2 options: screen print and hot stamp.  This is a leading professional private label cosmetics manufacturer called private label lipstick near you. China cheap private label cosmetics supplier offering you a full line luxury private label cosmetics products.

Here are some steps of private label done for your reference:

For private label on lipstick, lip gloss and all cosmetic makeup products, it’s the same step:

1st , you may prepare a brand name logo and send to us;

2nd , we start to engrave your logo name into the Film, then develop a logo mold for you, here please make sure your logo keep correct, we will NOT accept any changes or revise once the logo mold opened;

3rd,silk screen print or hot stamping your logo on the lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, lip liner pencil, eye shadow and all makeup products. We will make sketch drawing of your private label for your view and confirmation before production.

logo sketch drawing

How much does private labeling cost on lipstick or lip gloss and is there no minimum order?

Here we only give you approx. price range from USD230 to USD320 based on 50pcs lipstick , logo mold cost, printing cost and air shipping included to USA, Canada, UK and other European Countries, you can buy assorted colors, because it varies depending your requirements, for example, the order quantity, whether two sides printed on product and packaging, single or two more color printing and etc. they all affect the final prices.

As for minimum for private labeling, in fact, it’s 50pcs each style but you can mix assorted colors.

We also wholesale no logo lipstick and lip gloss, lip liner pencil, eye shadow, mascara, concealer, liquid foundation and all cosmetics with no minimum, some people just want to buy no labels lipstick or lip gloss then make white label by themselves, it’s okay.

order format

Does your private label screen printed on lipsticks or lip gloss fall off or erase after a few months?

Friends, we completely understand your concerns, some clients indeed have that thoughts because they never seen or done their own brand logo lipstick, then even don’t know how to start or where to find a best private label lipstick factory, I know there are many factories who always said like this: we are a good factory offering you cheap price and best service, not everyone to find a best factory that suitable for itself, there is no best, but only better suitable for yourself.

Let’s talk about technique of silk screen print:

Screen printing is composed of five elements, screen printing plate, squeegee, ink, printing table and substrate(i.e. lipstick or lip gloss). The basic principle of screen printing is to use the basic principle that the screen printing plate is printed with the ink through the mesh of the graphic part and the mesh of the non-graphic part is impermeable.

When printing, pour ink on one end of the screen printing plate, and use a squeegee to apply a certain pressure on the ink position on the screen printing plate while moving toward the other end of the screen printing plate. The ink is squeezed from the mesh of the graphic part to the substrate by the squeegee while it is moving.

Due to the viscosity of the ink, the imprint is fixed within a certain range. During the printing process, the squeegee is always in line contact with the screen printing plate and the substrate, and the contact line moves with the movement of the squeegee, due to the screen printing plate and the substrate. Keep a certain gap between them, so that the screen printing plate during printing produces a reaction force against the squeegee through its own tension.

This reaction force is called resilience. Due to the effect of resilience, the screen printing plate and the substrate are only in mobile line contact, while other parts of the screen printing plate and the substrate are in a disengaged state. The ink and the screen are broken to ensure the printing dimensional accuracy and avoid smearing the substrate. When the squeegee is scraped across the entire layout, it is lifted, and the screen printing plate is lifted at the same time, and the ink is gently scraped back to the original position.

Generally, printing can only be performed on a flat surface, but screen printing can not only print on a flat surface, but print on spherical curved object with a special shape, anything with a shape can be performed by screen printing.

So please don’t worry about the private labeling done been fell off or erased. It’s a mature technique, with more than 15-year experience.

One-time logo mold developed, use it forever! We keep and store your logo mold in good condition in order to use in your future orders, so good maintenance of the mesh is necessary. First of all, the screen-printed mesh must be cleaned and degreased during use; Secondly, marking the life-time and the number of weaves on the frame of the mesh is also an important maintenance strategy. Finally, during the use of screen printing, less contact with sharp objects should be avoided as much as possible to prevent accidental damage to the mesh.

Hereby, it’s our fortunate to share you this video, you will see, these logos we have screen printed since 2019, up to now, they all stood well, and looked fresh like a new one finished. Now no matter how we scratch, screen print logo never been fell off or erased, so please don’t worry, all logos done will be long-duration standing well, if you choose our private label lipstick factory to cooperate. We are confident, we can.

We highly pay more attentions to after-sale customer service, we collect more information from customers, then make few improvements on our production and sales from time to time in order to keep the path of the world.

And how long does the private label last?

We are confident to tell you, it can keep almost for one century. As long as you don’t scratch the private label done with hard or sharp objects, they could last many years. Here are videos private label done for almost 2 years, they still stand perfect. All private label option could be done by silk screen print or hot stamp technique, it’s long-lasting for use.

Can you do dropshipping private labeling lipstick for me if we choose your factory?

Yes of course we are happy to dropship for you to worldwide. Here are some important tips for dropshipping.

1st, as for dropshipping, it refers that you place order with your own brand name logo with our factory, after the order finished, we need to store them into our warehouse, and waiting for your customers’ order, for example, today your customer Lily bought 10pcs lipstick with your private label and paid you directly, she wanted them to be shipped to the US, then you contact our sale and send us her delivery address, our sale team will pack and ship by DHL or FedEx, here the shipping cost will be borne by Lily or yourself.

2nd, A few days later, your another client called James bought 5pcs and paid you directly, wanted to ship to African country, so we do the same, then it will cause shipping cost again. The air shipping costs will vary depend on different countries and fuel oil rising sometimes.

3rd, If don’t mind paying shipping costs every time, it’s possible for us to do dropshipping.

4th, if you launch a party or sell among friends, to save you money, it is the most economical way for you to receive the order by yourself.

How can I know whether the private labeling done is what I want?

Dear friends, it’s really a serious question, everyone wants or has its own logo in mind, so the private logo is prepared by yourself or from your dream or ideal, I am sure you must have the clue that what kinds of private label you want. Here let’s talk in two parts:

1st , if you don’t have any logo on hand, Private Label Lipstick factory has a talent team, we can design for you according to your requirements completely free of charge, so you should let us know your thoughts, requirements on your logo, then our guy starts to make for you, it will take us about 24 hours, then send it to you for your confirmation, after your approval, we will do the next step to make logo sketch drawing on the product and packaging.

2nd , if you have the logo existing, please forward us your logo file, once we receive your logo file, we will make you sketch drawing of your private labeling on the lipstick or lip gloss you will buy for your view and confirmation, there is a little color difference except white or black, with your talent, I am sure you could beat it. After you review the sketch drawing, if you don’t satisfy, we will adjust and resend you drawing for confirmation till your satisfactory. Private Label Lipstick factory has over 15-year experience in silk screen print and hot stamping field, we try our best to minimize the color difference to some extent. So the real finished private label lipstick or lip gloss will be 99% the same as sketch drawing, please rest assured to place orders.

logo sketch drawing and real logo done on lipstick and package box

Is it legal to put private labeling on the lipstick or lip gloss?

If the label that is registered by you, it’s completely legal to print; but some people like to use their name, company name or pet name as their logo which printed on the product, up to present, they are no problem. But that is horrible to use famous brand like Channel, VUttion, because without authorization, we can’t use it.

Can I mix styles for my private labeling to meet your minimum?

You could mix assorted colors for each style but can’t mix different styles, meaning, we have more styles of cosmetics like lip gloss, lipstick, eyeshadow, lip liner pencil, mascara, if you just want to buy 10pcs mascara, 10pcs eyeshadow, 20pcs lip gloss and 10pcs lip pencil, totally 50pcs for your private logo, sorry, it’s NOT allowed.

You only are allowed to pick up any colors in one specific product, because different products have different space, different requirements, different dimensions. If you just need less than our minimum order for private label option, maybe you could buy our No Logo products, then you can ask your local printing store to make you White Label, then you can paste it on the products by yourself.

Can I check the production capacity of your factory in private labeling?

Of course, you could check our capacity through online, here are our GMP workshops, our RD staff is working on new formulas, inspection, filling process test, the whole filling production line, all employee wear masks to keep healthy and clean for the makeup, and automatically production lines working. No dusty the whole workshops.

Every week, we put new arrivals, as we mentioned, we have our own RD staff, they research and develop new products to meet international customers’ needs. Your formulas could be custom made according to your design. When you come to China, welcome you to visit our factory in person!

Can you custom make my formulas?

Yes, of course, our Private Label Manufacturer could custom make the formulations according to your request besides packaging. As long as you send us formulas, our engineer can make you samples within 72 hours, then ship for your try and confirmation, we can do it 100% the same as yours. Here we need to charge you custom sampling cost, the sampling cost is considered as a prepaid cost, when your custom order is successfully placed up to our min. order, we will deduct it from the order amount, because our factory does have its own cost like material cost, labor cost, warehouse cost, administration cost, production cost, handling cost and etc. Your understanding will be highly appreciated.

Can I know the minimum to customize?

The Custom minimum order quantity should be at least 12,000pcs on formulas for lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, lip liner pencil, highlighter, blush, foundation; 6000pcs for cosmetic tubes and packaging; 5000pcs for eyeshadow, face mask, eyelash, the more you customize, the cheaper price you will get because unit price will be allocated into every single product. Our sale team is ready. If you just need us to be custom made your semi-finished formulations, it’s 5kg per color shade on lip gloss or lipstick. If you just want to change packaging box, the custom minimum is 1000pcs.

As for lip gloss and lipstick, which one is better for private labeling? Is there any difference between private label lip gloss and lipstick?

For the lip gloss and lipstick, they are both suitable for private labeling, In fact, there is little difference but most the same technique on private labeling,  1st, they are different texture products, Lip gloss is a general term for lip cosmetics. Compared with traditional lipsticks, lip gloss is rich in various highly moisturizing oils and glitter factors, and contains less wax and color pigments, and it is in the form of a viscous liquid or thin creamy paste. Lip gloss mainly includes the following ingredients:

  1. Lipstick pigments: organic pigments or minerals give different colors to the lip gloss.
  2. Wax: Make the lip gloss have a certain cohesion, and effectively outline the lip shape.
  3. Vitamin E and other natural plant extracts: protect lips, moisturize and moisturize.
  4. Some special ingredients: give different lip glosses different coloring effects.

Compared with traditional lipsticks, lip gloss is a relatively new lip cosmetic. Its biggest feature is its natural and rich color, which can moisturize and brighten the lips after application. It is very consistent with people’s pursuit of light makeup. The use of lip gloss is the same as that of lipstick, but the texture is relatively light and thin, and the formula contains more polymer. The viscosity is also higher. Most of them are packaged in a small transparent plastic box with a small lip brush, which can be applied with fingers or lip brush. The disadvantage is that the durability of lip gloss is not as good as that of lipstick, and it needs frequent touch-ups.

At present, lip gloss can be roughly divided into the following types:

  1. Clear or Crystal lip gloss: The resin component in the transparent crystal lip gloss can make it adhere to the lips for a long time without being absorbed. It can be used alone or on lipstick. After use, it seems to apply a layer of bright lip oil to the lips, which looks crystal clear and transparent, making the lip color long and bright.
  2. Holographic or moisturizing or Light-colored lip gloss: It is a translucent lip gloss with rich colors and a lustrous effect. This light-colored lip gloss will form a natural and slightly transparent color on the lips, which looks moist and beautiful. Especially the burgundy and light red light-colored lip gloss, the ruddy effect, makes the user look white lipstick, healthy and natural.
  3. Luster, glitter or Bright color lip gloss: The color is more intense than the previous two, suitable for fragrant makeup and use on grand occasions. Its transparency is slightly worse, and it can cover the original color of the lips and even the lip lines after application.
  4. Pearlescent lip gloss: adding sparkling pearlescent powder to the lip gloss makes the lips look shining with the brilliance of stars, especially under the lights of the prom, it is more dazzling, very luxurious, and the effect is also More lasting.
  5. Matte or Dyed lip gloss: It will be printed on the mouth and will not be wiped off at once. Liquid lip gloss contains jojoba oil, which absorbs quickly, enhances moisturizing effect and elasticity. It can be used before lipstick or used alone. Compared with general lip gloss, dyed lip gloss has more natural color and better water resistance after use.

Lipstick is one of the most primitive and common lipsticks. It is generally solid and has a texture that is dry, and harder than lip gloss and lip glaze or lip tint. Due to personal preference, this is no big difference, but private label lipstick both offering private label lip gloss and lipstick, a wide variety for your options, we are a leading professional private label cosmetics manufacturer, no minimum, wholesale no logo makeup cosmetics.

What is your transport method ?

We often use DHL, FedEx air shipping courier to worldwide under weight 100kg on lipstick, lip gloss or eyeshadow, air shipping just takes you 3 or 5 days to arrive at your address, it’s door to door service, no need to clear customs by yourself; if you want to order 20ft containers,40ft container, we will ship by Sea which will take you about more than 20 days to arrive in the US port nearest to your address, then you will bring the B/L,PI and original documents to do clearance Customs.

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What are your payment Terms?

Generally, we accept Bank Wire Transfer for payment under USD50,000 small order; if the amount exceeds USD50,000, we could accept down payment, like 50% deposit and the balance will be paid within 3 business days before shipment. Or we can negotiate to our mutual benefit.

Thanks for your watching! Wish you  prosper new heights in your business!


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