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How often should I use face mask sheet?

Face sheet mask is a category of skin care products and a carrier of beauty care products. It is applied to the face for beauty functions such as moisturizing, whitening, anti-aging, balancing oils and so on.

We only use cotton, natural silk and bio fiber material for our sheet masks to meet your needs and achieve more advantages from the face care when you use facial sheet mask.

  • the principle of the mask is to use the limited time of covering the face to temporarily isolate the outside air and pollution,
  • increase the temperature of the skin, expand the pores of the skin, promote the secretion of sweat glands and metabolism, increase the oxygen content of the skin,
  • and help the skin eliminate the epidermis the product of cell metabolism and accumulated oils and fats, the moisture in the mask penetrates into the stratum corneum of the epidermis, the skin becomes soft, naturally bright and elastic.
There are four main types of facial masks:
  • mud paste—the common types of mud masks are seaweed masks, mineral mud masks, etc.;
  • tear-off—the most common peel-off masks are nasal patches for blackheads;
  • jelly—the jelly type is most famous for sleeping masks;
  • and wet wipes including face mask sheet— the wet tissue type is generally a single-piece package of infiltration beauty Liquid mask paper sheet.

With the development of beauty technology, a facial mask made of silk has appeared, which should be classified as a wet tissue type facial mask.

The classification of face mask paper:

According to the finished product, it is divided into: compressed and uncompressed;

According to the material, it is divided into: silk, cotton, polyester, blended, tencel, biological fiber, etc. Among them, the bio-fiber facial mask paper is the best.

Example of compressed face sheet paper:

compressed mask

Example of 100% silk mask sheet paper as below:

100% silk material

The difference between each material in sheet mask
Material of sheet mask Benefits Shortage
Non-woven fabric Less preservatives, strong and durable affinity with the skin is not good, heaviness
crystal face mask Crystal clear, good sealing Airtight and limited ingredients
Fruit Fiber Mask Natural raw materials, skin-friendly Poor degree of consolidation, easy to break
Natural mask sheet Transparent and invisible, weightless at 1-1.4g,width 0.1 mm, elastic, soft, smooth, lowest coefficient of friction 7.4% expensive
bacterial cellulose/bio cellulose Super fine fiber and excellent adsorption, dia.2-100nm,1/1000 of hair fine,1/133 of non-woven; Super water storage capacity Super expensive
How to identify the real natural silk sheet mask?
  1. Dissolution method: One minute completely assimilated into the bleach experiment
  2. Tear off method: When the real silk is torn, the silk can be seen to be very uniform and delicate, and the material of the fake silk is very uneven.
  3. Combustion method: After burning, real silk becomes powder like cotton items; when fake silk mask burns, there will be a lot of thick smoke, pungent smell and carbon-like texture after burning.
  4. Water retention identification method: A thin piece of real silk mask can lock more than 20g of essence, while fake silk can only lock up to 12g of essence.
  5. Real natural silk has a good water-locking effect, so it will not flow everywhere when applied on the face. Although fake silk has very little essence, it still flows down very easily.

Wet tissue type facial mask paper is divided into cotton type, silk type, other types and the latest bio-fiber type and tencel facial mask.

Video of bio fiber mask sheet

 bio fiber sheet mask display bio fiber sheet mask
What is compressed facial mask sheet?

The compressed mask paper is about the size of a five-cent coin, with a thickness of about 3 mm. When using it, just put one piece in the liquid and it will expand naturally.

After unfolding, it will be a piece of mask paper suitable for the face of the public. It is suitable to be carried when traveling, and DIY creating beauty face mask, convenient and beautiful.

compressed mask single packet

cotton sheet mask effect

How to use:
  • Clean the skin first, then take out the mask paper,
  • and place the mask sheet paper in a container full of essence, it absorbs moisture, expands, and after a few minutes it becomes a mask paper of the same size as your face.
  • unfold the mask and apply it gently on the face, sit down or lay to relax for 15 or 20 minutes, peel it from the bottom, tap the face and achieve maximum advantages, at last, apply a little moisturizer, the skin is tender and white.

usage tips

Uncompressed facial mask (sheet-single piece packet), after cleansing, take out the moisturizing mask and remove the protective film and apply on the face, 20 minutes later, peel it off, let it keep 2-3 minutes of absorption by the skin, wash it off with water.

single facial mask sheet logo single facial mask sheet

How to choose mask paper? Maybe we will do from the following 3 parts:
  • Density:

Choose a thicker mask paper, it can lock the essence or nutrients relatively; too light means that the mask paper is relatively thin.

  • Sense of compliance:

whether the mask paper fit the curves and bumps of the face, and whether it takes into account the degree of compliance around the nose and eyes;

These problems directly affect the skin’s absorption of the nutrients absorbed in the mask. The degree of conformity between the mask and the face depends on the number of cutting knives on the mask.

Usually the number of knives for cutting mask paper is 8 knives, and good mask cutting can reach 12 knives.

  • Material:

The material of the mask will affect the comfort and effect of the mask.

Natural cotton mask is the most popular material in recent years, followed by synthetic fiber material.

A slightly thicker, heavier mask paper can absorb sufficient moisturizing essence, and the effect of “pressurizing and sealing” the skin is better. Bio-fiber facial mask paper has the best effect, it is generally used in professional beauty salons, it is more expensive, but achieve good benefits.

cotton sheet mask

How to achieve the maximum benefits from applying facial mask sheet? Generally from the three points:
  • Time:

Usually, the wet wipe sheet mask can be applied for 15 to 20 minutes, and the specific application time can be determined according to the instructions on the mask.

It should be noted that it’s not the longer the mask is applied, the better effect you will get.

After 20 minutes later, if you will find the mask still very moist, there is no need to continue to apply, because the effective ingredients in the mask have been fully absorbed by your skin.

  • Massage:

After peeling off the sheet mask, you can use the retained nutrients on the face to massage it to double the effect of the mask.

The fingers of both hands follow the texture of the muscles in the order of “from the center to the periphery” and “from the bottom up”.

This route is the route of the lymphatic circulation, which can detoxify and tighten the skin. The remaining essence from the bottom of sheet mask packets could be used to apply to your neck, arm and back.

  • Wrapping:

The main reason why the mask has an excellent maintenance effect is the “wrapping” effect of the mask, which completely isolates the skin from the air and allows the skin to fully absorb nutrients.

Therefore, when applying the mask, it is best to lie down and let the weight of the mask fully press on the face to help the mask exert its “wrapping” effect.

How to get rid of the misunderstanding for applying face mask?

Applying a mask at the right time to take good care of your skin. If you want your skin to get better and better, you must get rid of these mistakes.

Frequency of Mask Use:

Generally, the normal frequency of use of the mask is about 2 times a week. The expert teaches you: if you need to strengthen a certain effect, such as whitening, you can apply a mask for 7 days in the first week, and then from the second week, apply it 2 to 3 times a week.

Mask usage time:

Dermatologist Expert opinion: Night is the “golden time” for skin beauty. At this time, skin cells are more active and have a stronger metabolic capacity, which can make facial masks or other beauty essences of skin care products more effective and improve skin quality.

Therefore, it is the best choice to make a facial mask at night.

selection of face sheet Mask ingredients:

When choosing a mask, be sure to choose the desired effect that suits your skin condition according to your skin type.

Regarding the ingredients of the mask, it is necessary to determine the precautions indicated on the mask before use, and choose to use strictly in accordance with the instructions.

Whether it is dry, oily, combination skin, or sensitive skin, you can only get the best results if you choose the right mask.

Is DIY face mask is natural and better?

Yes, it’s natural in material like fruit liquid cucumber, and full of novelty, but in fact, the help to our skin is really limited, it may be that there was some effect when we just finished it, but the skin texture returned to its original appearance the next day.

The reason is that the ingredients of these homemade masks are natural, they have not been processed by some science and technology, generally speaking, the molecules are too large to be absorbed by the skin.

So we need to use the facial sheet masks produced by professional cosmetic manufacturer who specializes in body care products, produced in GMP workshops, with decade experience and advanced equipments.

Does facial mask sheets work?

A:Yes, it gives a smooth, soft, hydrated face skin. We need to follow the steps: deep cleanse the skin, exfoliate, remove oxidized oils, and then to do whitening, anti-aging, and oil balancing based on moisturize the skin.

Q:How many times a week should I use a sheet mask?

A:It’s about 2 or 3 times a week for hydrated facial sheet mask.

Q:Can I reuse sheet mask?

A: No, the single sheet mask packet is belongings to disposable, it’s not allowed to reuse repeatedly again, in order to prevent bacteria and dirt pro introducing to your face.

Q: How many times we can use 1 sheet mask?

A:only one time for 1 sheet mask.

Q:Can I put sheet mask in fridge?

A:Yes, there few advantages:

  • Maintain the moisture and elasticity of the mask:

Putting the mask in the refrigerator can help maintain the humidity and elasticity of the mask. The refrigerator compartment has low temperature and high air humidity, which is conducive to the locking of nutrients in the mask

  • Promote the absorption of mask essence:

Keeping the mask in the refrigerator can help promote the skin’s absorption of the essence in the mask. Before applying the mask, apply a hot towel on the face to help open the pores.

After placing the mask for a few minutes, apply it on the face. Hot and cold stimulation can help enhance the vitality of the skin and deeply absorb the essence of the mask.

  • Help tighten pores:

After the mask is placed in the refrigerator, the temperature will decrease, and the skin pores will shrink under the cold stimulation.

For people with large pores, using the refrigerated mask can effectively tighten the pores. In addition, you can also wash your face alternately with hot and cold water to help enhance cell vitality, skin elasticity, and tighten pores.

  • Good for calming the skin:

The lowered temperature of the mask after being kept in the refrigerator has a good calming effect on the redness and swelling of the skin after the sun.

The use of a refrigerated facial mask in summer can not only help skin repair after sun, but also help cool down.

Q:What should I apply after face mask?

A:You should apply moisturizer or toner after face mask.

Q:Can I sleep in a sheet mask?

A:No, because it will absorb the moisture from your skin, the essence of the mask sticks to the skin, which will cause excess nutrients and burden the skin. The essence will also be exposed to bacteria when exposed to the air, causing bacteria to enter the pores and harm the skin.

Q:What goes first moisturizer or mask?

A: first wash your face and apply moisturizing water, then applying sheet mask, after applying the mask, then apply moisturizing cream.

Q:What is the correct skin care routine?
  1. Before using the mask, it’s best to do an allergy test. Put a little mask dressing on the back of your hand and wash it off after 30 minutes. If there is no redness and itching reaction, you can apply it on the face.
  2. Before applying the mask, you should remove your makeup, wash your face, and if necessary, exfoliate first to facilitate the absorption of the mask and prevent dirt and dust from entering your pores.
  3. After washing your face and before applying the mask, apply a warm towel to the face for three minutes, and then massage it around the face for three to five minutes to enhance the effect of the face.
  4. When applying a mask to the entire face, apply some oil on the edges of the eyebrows, hairline, eyes, lips, etc., to prevent the mask from sticking to these areas and making it difficult to clean up.
  5. The order of applying the mask should be from the neck, jaw, cheeks, nose, lips, forehead, from bottom to top; it is not suitable to apply the mask around the eyes, eyebrows, upper and lower lips.
  6. After the mask is applied for about 20 minutes, you can touch it with your fingers. If you don’t feel sticky, you can start from the edge of the film and slowly remove it from the bottom up.
  7. After removing the mask, use clean warm water to wash away the residue on the face, and then apply a cold towel on the face for a while to promote shrinkage of the pores, and finally apply moisturizing cosmetics.
  8. Generally speaking, when the mask dries, it will cause the skin to shrink and wrinkles appear. Therefore, the mask should be removed immediately when it dries. Do not stay on the skin for a long time or overnight.
  9. In principle, a facial mask can be used two to three times a month. For people with pimples, chloasma, and age spots, you can apply it once or twice a week to enhance the effect; while protein-based facial masks should not be used too much. Frequent, limited to about twice a week.
  10. Homemade DIY natural facial masks tend to lose moisture and become hard, and they are also susceptible to contamination and breeding of bacteria. Therefore, it is not appropriate to make too many at a time, and it is best to use them now.
Q:What should I do before and after sheet mask?

A:Before applying the mask on the face, it is best to wash the face with warm water to open the pores, so that the deep sebum and dirt can be discharged easily, so as to ensure that the nutrients of the mask can be more absorbed during the process of applying the face;

after sheet mask, let the remaining nutrients keep stay on the face for 2 or 3 minutes, gently pat the face to get the maximum benefits , then wash with clean water, at last apply moisturizer.

All of our body care products including face sheet mask are finished under GMP workshops.

workshop in body care

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