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How much does it cost to manufacture lipsticks with my brand logo?

To manufacture lipsticks or lip gloss with your own brand logo is also called private label/logo on lip products or silk screen print your logo brand on any cosmetic products you want. Here the most important thing we need to consider is the packing material of lipsticks such as lipstick/lip gloss tubes, paper color box which is the direct price factor caused on finished lipsticks.

For packaging tubes, there are plastic, soft squeeze and glass tubes for opt, on plastic tubes, we have PE,PETG, PP types, by filling creamy or liquid lipstick/lip gloss, mostly use plastic and soft squeeze tubes, glass tubes widely used for drops water, skin care products.

empty lipstick tubes samples

Let’s make calculations on how much a complete lipstick cost:

  • Packing material- lipstick tube:
How much does it cost to make a tube of lipstick?

A complete packing tube will cost you from 50 cents to more than $1, depending on the production technical and surface treatment, and how many pieces you order. If you want to buy your own shape or design, that factory needs to develop the new mold, then the minimum order quantity is usually at least 6,000 to 12,000 units at a time. If a brand order quantity exceeds100,000 tubes at a crack, the unit price goes down significantly.

For surface treatment on lipstick tube, we use silk screen print, hot stamp, silver stamp, UV print, pad printing methods, you can choose one or two. Among these print methods, for cosmetic products, silk screen printing is widely used. Screen printing substrates can be paper, wood, glass, metal, plastic and many other substrates.

silk screen print samples

silk screen print substance

Common screen printing applications in life include instructions on products, decorative patterns on home appliances, high-end cosmetic products, T-shirt patterns, guide signs, book covers, posters, business cards, etc. Maybe you are curious about how screen printing does work, here is the Process flow of screen printing:

Screen printing file output → film production → stencil production → color printing → ink curing
  • Screen printing file output: It is the silk-screen production document sent by logo designer from a brand to the manufacturer who will produce or make treatment on the lipstick tube what you want. Because most of the silk-screen printing production is single-color or multi-color overprinting, we need to process the document in the early stage of design. The best document format is a vector file, such as ai, cdr, eps, pdf. If the graphics are small or the definition requirements are low, the finished effect/fact printing logo will be blurry. The most important step before printing, if you really don’t have a designer or don’t know how to design a logo but have an idea, don’t worry, we have designers here who can design for you, it’s completely free of charge once order successfully finalized.
  • Film production: what is film? Who knows, answers from most people, yes it’s a new name for common persons, but it’s a professional word in printing field. Film, photosensitive film and film for photography, and film for film, is the translation of film in the old days. Now it generally refers to film, and it can also refer to negative film in printing plate making. The film in screen printing is like a photo film, but the film in screen printing changes the developed carrier from photo paper to a screen with photosensitive glue. The film substrates used in screen printing production mainly include pvc, pc, pet, pp, and the size is based on the size of the machine, and general products can be satisfied. The pictures and texts in the film are from points to lines and then to the surface. Usually, the film uses the size and density of the dots to illustrate the shades of colors. Theoretically, the more lines, the clearer it is, but this is not absolute. It also depends on the printing process and substrate. Different printing processes and substrates can achieve a limit to the hanging accuracy. 150 or 175 lines of ordinary printed matter is enough, and 35-75 lines of screen printing for large appliances is better.
Examples of film:

film production film design film artwork

  • Fabrication of screen printing stencils: The stencil includes frame and mesh. It needs to be made according to the design document during production, and then brush the photosensitive glue on the finished stencil. After drying, use the film for exposure. The black area of the film mainly plays the role of blocking the light, so that the photosensitive adhesive cannot be cured, and the transparent parts are cured by exposing the photosensitive adhesive. After the exposure is completed, the uncured photosensitive adhesive is washed with water to obtain the desired graphic text.  Here the most important thing is the precision unit of the stencil, also called mesh unit, which refers to the number of holes in the mesh plate within one inch of the mesh, which is defined as the mesh number. For example, 150 mesh means that there are 150 mesh holes in one inch, because 1 inch = 2.54 cm, so there are 5.9 mesh points in 1 mm.
100-400 mesh gauze is generally used on Screen printing production :
  1. 100 ~ 250 mesh: Generally, ink with larger particles such as glitter or pearl powder is printed, or used in the last back cover, because the smaller the mesh gauze, the larger the hole mesh, the more ink, and the greater& stronger the coverage.
  2. 250 ~ 350 mesh: the most commonly used mesh range, this range can not only pass pearlescent but also ensure the accuracy of printing, and can reduce the probability of sticking the net during printing, do not need to wash the net too frequently, and also has a relatively short production cost and time, good control.
  3. 350 ~ 400 mesh: generally used when high-precision printing effect is required, mostly used to print fine characters or numbers.
  • Color printing: Screen printing inks are similar to painting pigments, but with one more transparent color. It divided into manual and mechanical . Ink classification is named according to the effect, such as glitter (glitter powder) ink, metallic ink, pearlescent ink, solid color ink, luminous ink, 3d magnetic ink, water droplet ink, uv three-dimensional varnish, etc.

Glitter materials include PET, PVC, OPP, metal aluminum, laser materials, etc. PVC glitter powder and PVC laser glitter powder are not resistant to acid or alkali, high temperature, and the maximum temperature resistance is about 60 degrees; PET glitter powder and PET laser glitter powder are acid and alkali resistant, and high temperature resistance is about 190 degrees; Metal glitter powder is resistant to high temperature At around 250 degrees, it is resistant to acid and alkali, and is mainly used for injection molding.

glitter powder ink

Metallic ink refers to the ink prepared with metal flakes and has a metallic luster, gold ink and silver ink are belongings to these ink. Pigments are mainly gold powder and silver powder (copper powder and aluminum powder). The metal color inks we commonly use include local gold, bright silver, electroplating silver, electroplating gold, mirror silver, mirror gold, flash silver, etc.

bright silver ink

UV water drop ink, the surface of the product is like a lot of water droplets of different sizes falling on the lotus leaf.

uv drop water ink

Magnetic ink

Magnetic ink

Ice flower ink, after the printed ink is heated and cured, irregular ice flower-like folds will appear, which will make the pattern and imprint produce ice flower-like refraction effect, and give the printed piece a special texture effect, most of this ink contains UV ink.

Ice flower ink

  • Formulas/Recipe cost
How much does it cost to manufacture formulation of lipsticks?

On the first stage, we talked about packing tube of lipstick, it’s a big proportion of price consisted. In general, a lipstick formulation that contains liquid or creamy which costs about $0.10 to $1 per gram with an average cost of about $0.45 per gram, one tube of lipstick containing net weight at 4.5 grams creamy, so the creamy price will be around $2.025, a very right fit price that everyone can buy it. The main formulas will be vitamin E, olive oil/ sweet almond oil, beeswax, pigments, natural material, vegan and cruelty free. If you have any existing formulations, we can customize according to your designs, or develop new generation lipstick ingredients for you to meet the markets.

Commonly, there are mainly three kinds of lipsticks, color lipstick, transparent lipstick and color changing lipstick. For example, these below listed formulations made for one of our customers, only for your reference, if you need different effects or functions, everything could be custom made.

Example formulas manufactured for our other customer, only for your reference:

Color lipstick Transparent lipstick Color changing lipstick
Composition Percentage(%) Composition Percentage(%) Composition Percentage(%)
Castor oil 44.5 Ozokerite 12 Castor oil 44.8
Glycerol monostearate 9.5 Beeswax 18 Isopropyl myristate 10
Isopropyl Palmitate 2.5 Microcrystalline Wax 6 Lanolinic acid 11
Beeswax 20 White Vaseline 20 Beeswax 9
Carnauba wax 5 Coco fat 10 Paraffin wax 8
Anhydrous lanolin 4.5 White oil 15 Carnauba wax 10
Cetyl alcohol 2 Olive oil 5 Titanium dioxide 4.2
Bromate red 2 Isopropyl myristate 10 Eosinic acid 3
Lake 10 Lanolinic acid 2 Fragrance Antioxidant Moderate
Fragrance Antioxidant Moderate Polyethylene glycol lanolinate 2 none none
none none Fragrance Antioxidant Moderate none none
  • Color lipstick also called original lipstick, four basic colors containing bright red, diva, rose and maple color, with the benefits of no transferring or fading after wearing.

lipstick shade custom color lipstick shades lipstick shades

  • Transparent lipsticks do not compose Insoluble opalescent pigment or lake pigments, with high portion of hydrating oil, its function on causing by color from soluble or solubilizing dyes, forming a clear overlay with a shimmering layer when light shines through, giving lips a moist appearance and preventing dry cracking.
  • Color changing lipstick as double-color shade lipstick, adding the ingredients of eosinic acid , light orange can be changed into rose color in few seconds, the shade of color changing will be determined by temperature of lips.

color change lipstick

  • Color box& Labeling cost

 Packaging and labeling is usually around $0.5 to $1 for each lipstick unit, the average cost of producing single product, ranging between $2 and $3 per unit based on more than 6,000 pieces at one time by manufacturers according to your design and formulations. There is a big headache problem that few buyers could accept that high minimum order quantity to be manufactured lipsticks for a beginner. Most of them have no choice but give it up for starting to manufacture lipstick with their own brands, what a pity!

But now our company called Private Label Lipstick is specializing in private label/logo lipsticks or lip gloss and all lip products for more than 15 years, providing print your own brand logo on the lipsticks and packaging at low minimum order quantity 50 or 100pcs, it’s a kind of breaking news, what I heard was right? Of course what you seen and heard is correct.

There are thousands of formulations, packaging, designs for your choice, these are all already made by our factory, you just select and try our formulas then make your decisions, cutting your time to choose material, change formulations and packing material, you will have plenty time to devote your selling markets and promote your sales.

We allow you to purchase assorted shades, different styles and flavors, to help C2C sellers or wholesalers rise their business scopes, our company develop new recipe, increase new shades, update our technology, well-skilled employees training every month, with these advantages of small order quantity and novelty collections on lipsticks by printing there own private label/logo, we gain more and more customers from abroad.

Just a few steps, you will have your own brand name lipsticks, choosing the styles, quantity and shades what you want; sending us your logo or brand name which will be printed on the tube and packaging box; we will make you draft artwork of logo print for your confirmation, after you approval, we start to produce, 5 or 7 days later, you will receive the product. Really simple and easy way to have lipsticks with my own brand, there are many benefits of its own brand strategic significance:

  • Conducive to enhancing the competitiveness of the product:

The implementation of private labels enhances the competitiveness of commodities, most prominently in that it achieves low prices for commodities. The main reasons are as follows:

  1. large-scale retail enterprises produce or organize the production of commodities with their own logos, and purchases do not have to go through intermediate links, which greatly saves circulation costs; Its advertising mainly relies on valuable goodwill assets, and the advertising expenses of its own brand products are greatly reduced;
  2. the packaging of its own brand products is simple and elegant, saving packaging costs;
  3. large retail enterprises have many chain stores, and carry out large-scale bulk sales enable production to achieve economies of scale, reduce production costs, and achieve small profits but quick turnover. In addition, the new product development and design requirements put forward by retail enterprises have significantly shortened the development cycle of new products and reduced development costs.
  • Conducive to the formation of characteristic business
  • Conducive to give full play to the advantages of intangible assets

The implementation of the own brand strategy makes the intangible assets of the enterprise flow, which is also equivalent to increasing the source of profit for the enterprise. Win the reputation of the trademark through the goods, so that the reputation of the trademark will eventually become the reputation of the enterprise, thereby winning a stable market.

  • Conducive to having more autonomy
  • Conducive to accurately grasp the market demand
How to name a brand logo?(Suggested documents only for reference)

Brand strategy plans:

  • Collaborate with celebrities, directly use the name of a celebrity as the name of your own brand to quickly build brand awareness, brand image and brand trust in the minds of customers. For example, Target directly named its own brand after the famous architect Michael Graves.
  •  Partner with traditional premium suppliers,
  • Repurpose old brands

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