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How long Can Lip Gloss and Lipstick Last when wearing?

When you buy lip stick or lip gloss, I am sure you must expect it in 100% perfect including waterproof, long lasting, no sticky cup and no color difference, everyone wants perfect thing in their lives but visa versa sometimes. It’s NOT a pity, if we change our mode of thinking, things will be getting better to some extent. Today, we will talk about some negative ratings on lasting ,no sticky cup and color difference on lipstick or lip gloss. Hope it can help you a lot.

not long peel off long-lasting matte liquid lipstick

The durable time Varies depending on different recipes between lip gloss and lipstick.

  1. Lipstick paint: organic pigments or minerals give different colors to the lip gloss.
  2. Wax: Make the lip gloss have a certain cohesion and effectively outline the lip shape.
  3. Vitamin E and other natural plant extracts protect lips, moisturize and moisturize.
  4. Some special ingredients: give different lip glosses different coloring effects, and meet the different needs of users.

Sometimes, so-called lasting, it will depend on the way of applying of lip gloss or lipstick, let’s share some tips of applying to extend the hours of wearing:

  1. Apply the center of the lower lip firstPaint the corners of the mouth directly, it will be NG. The texture of the lip gloss is soft, and it will be unnatural if it is piled up to the contour of the lip. Saturate the lip gloss with a lip brush and apply it from the center of the lower lip first. Apply the lip brush to the lips from the center to the left and right to the corners of the mouth.
  1. Draw the lip line at the corner of the mouth with the side of the lip brushUse the side of the lip brush against the corner of the lower lip and draw the lip line to the center. Repeat the same action on the other side.
  2. the upper lip also starts from the center Same as the lower lip, the lip brush is covered with lip gloss and spread from the center to the left and right
  3. the lip peak of the upper lip needs the brush head of the lip brush  Draw a lip line from the corner of the upper lip to the peak of the lip. Use the lip brush to draw the lip line from the corner of the mouth to the peak of the lip, and repeat the same action on the corner of the other side of the mouth.

There are different shapes, moisture levels, durability and effects between Lip gloss and lipstick. Lipstick is one of the lip cosmetic of all lip beauty products. It is divided into lipstick, lip gloss, lip glaze and so on. Although the final purpose of these products is the same, they all add color to our lips and make us look more charming. There is little difference between lip gloss and lipstick. First of all, from the morphological point of view, the texture of lip gloss is relatively thin, especially liquid lip gloss. Its external shape is stick-like with a small brush for applying lip gloss. Its inside is a thin liquid or a relatively viscous liquid.

There are semi-solid and solid lip glosses. The texture of the solid lip gloss also called liquid matte is a sticky paste. But it is softer than lipstick. The appearance of lipstick is generally pen-like rotatable. Its paste is dry, hard and heavy. From the perspective of moisturization, the ingredients of lip gloss contain high-moisturizing oils, so its moisturizing effect is relatively strong. For the dry skin of lips, lip gloss is more suitable. Lipstick is less moisturizing than lip gloss, and its texture is dry and hard, so it is best to apply moisturizing lipstick before applying lipstick. From the perspective of the makeup effect, the makeup effect of the lip gloss is crystal clear, soft and shiny. More suitable for lighter makeup in life. The color saturation of the lipstick is strong, which is suitable for makeup on formal occasions. Lips made with lipstick are plump and bright, which can accentuate the lip shape. In terms of durability, the durability of lip gloss is worse than that of lipstick. Lip gloss usually needs to be touched up 2 to 3 hours after makeup. The lipstick has a relatively strong makeup fixation. This is the difference between the two, we must consider their differences when using them, and choose according to our needs.

How to tell apart a premium lip gloss or lipstick?

  1. The paste is soft and rich in texture, in the form of a viscous liquid or thin paste.
  2. The colors are mostly bright and eye-catching, and some are light and clear and colorless and transparent.
  3. After coloring, the lips will be shiny and bright, moist and refreshing, with flashing and reflective effect, and increase the three-dimensional effect of the lips.
  4. Regardless of the four seasons, use lip gloss to protect your lips and keep them moisturized.
  5. Because of the high oil content, it is easy to take off makeup, that is, “eaten”.

Is it bad to apply lipstick or lip gloss?

In fact, all of our lipstick or lip gloss is made of Edible ingredients, non toxic, most of them are cruelty free, Vegan. Someone is worried whether it is bad for your lips, please don’t worry, wearing or applying lip gloss or lipstick is NOT bad for you lips at all. Sometimes it is impossible to prevent lip gloss and lipstick from being eaten in your stomach when you drink or eat snacks. No matter how careful you are, there must be a little intake.

How can I prevent fading when applying lip gloss or lipstick?

  1. Put on some lip balm before applying lipstick or lip gloss;
  2. By the way, press some powder, moisturize the lips, and then apply lipstick or lip gloss, so that the lip color will appear full and shiny;
  3. If you wan to Make long lasting when wearing lip gloss or lipstick, there is another secret: After applying, squeeze your mouth; or press a piece of makeup paper on your lips; then dip some transparent foundation with powder puff or cotton swab, press lightly back and forth to let the foundation penetrate to fix the lipstick or lip gloss.
  4. You can use the lip stain that is a liquid lipstick that contains some coloring substances, which can make the lipstick not easy to fade and last for a long time. It is suitable for people who go out for a long time or are inconvenient to touch up makeup.
  5. In addition, lipstick raincoat is also a very effective cosmetic to prevent lipstick from fading, just like putting a raincoat on the lips. Lipstick raincoat has excellent anti-sweat benefits, so it can Keep the lipstick last long time, and it is not easy to fade or stick the cup. Generally speaking, after we finish applying lipstick and then apply a layer of lipstick raincoat, we can eat and drink with peace of mind, without worrying about fading.
  6. Before applying lipstick or lip gloss, it is best to remove all the dead skin from the corners of your mouth. If the lipstick is easy to fade, it is most likely because our lips are peeling .It is best to take an exfoliating scrub on the lips before applying lipstick to remove all the dead skin on the lips. Of course, you can also use a facial scrub , or use brown sugar and olive oil as a natural one. Scrub to remove some keratin from the lips.

To wear lip gloss regularly, drink more milk, which is good for our body. Adding transparent lip gloss to colored lip gloss, the moisturizing effect of transparent lip gloss will be better than colored lip gloss, so this method can also add points to the practicality of lip gloss, and the effect is very good.

Non-stick lipstick application method: simply apply a layer of lipstick, then slightly squeeze the mouth with a tissue, take a piece of tissue, put it on the lips, dip a little loose powder with a lip brush, and brush it on the lips through the tissue. This way the lipstick will not stick to the cup!

no sticky applying lipstick

How to apply lipstick or lip gloss properly?

Lipstick or lip gloss can help us improve our spirit and complexion, but applying lipstick is actually a technical job. If it is not applied well, it will be relatively embarrassing. To apply lipstick properly, you must first draw the outline of the lipstick, because the entire outline of the lipstick is the most important, so when you usually apply lipstick, you can draw a lip shape first, and then show your own outline. , And then evenly spread the lipstick. Then sort out your lip shape. After painting, I suggest that you don’t purse your mouth. If you do it, you may lose all your efforts, especially lip gloss, because it will be applied very evenly during the application process, so you don’t need to purse your mouth. Superfluously. After the lipstick is applied, it is recommended that you use a cotton swab to wipe off the lipstick that is out of the border. If you find that the lip peak is not enough, you can fill it up again. For those whose lip line is not obvious, it is best to wipe off the excess lipstick with a cotton swab, which will look very nice. After applying the lipstick, if you don’t want to stick the cup, it is recommended that you take a cotton pad and apply some powder, and then gently sip on the lips, it can be played a very good role in setting makeup. In addition, before applying lipstick, don’t forget to moisturize before makeup.

And how to avoid color difference which is said color is NOT the same as picture showed?

Maybe the following factors cause color difference:

  1. skin color
  2. the content of lip skin water
  3. the temperature of the body
  4. Strict color difference management

How to measure the lipstick color difference?

Private Label Lipstick Company chooses “d/8 degree integrating sphere” and “dual beam” spectrophotometer-high-precision desktop colorimeters usually use integrating sphere spectrophotometry. It compares the light energy reflected (transmitted) of the sample with the light energy of the standard reflected (transmitted) under the same conditions to obtain the spectrum and reflectance of the sample at each wavelength, and uses a microcomputer and a spectrophotometer to level up, forming an automatic Spectral color measuring instrument, realizes the automatic color measurement calculation, and quickly obtains the red color difference result.

Some consumers may have some color difference problems when trying new lipsticks. Therefore, most of them like to choose a fixed color lipstick and repurchase to reduce the color difference caused by trying new products.

Little company can prevent color difference for products during every lots , due to light when taking photos and display of computers, but we try to show you real products in front of you including video demonstration and samples offering, we promise you real products above 98% similar to the picture showed.

How to deal with the big difference in lipstick or lip gloss?

We would like to share the following points:

  1. Don’t apply directly

There will have a layer of protective wax on the new produced lipstick, it is a little hard to color well. You can blow the lipstick with a hair dryer to soften it slightly, and before applying it, use a lip balm or essence to make a base or primer makeup on the lips.

  1. Prime concealer.

To achieve a matte lip makeup effect, foundation and concealer should be used as a primer. Adjust the lip shape with concealer and lighten the original lip color with foundation to increase the matteness of the lipstick.

And some clients complaining the long arrival time for about 2 or 3 months. Generally, private label lipstick vendor selects reputation international air express courier including DHL,UPS,FedEx which will take you about 3 or 10 days to all over the world, also you can trace the order status online to monitor where the order is in time, but the freight is a little higher, some clients unacceptable, they choose regular air parcel, the arrival date will be NOT determined. With our experience, it’s wise of you to choose international air express, although it’s a little expensive in freight, it can save you time to try samples and approve your orders within the expectation time, especially, it’s safe to trace the status online, Reduce mental stress, we all pursue a pleasant and elegant purchase process.

The customers bought lipstick or lip gloss from other companys waiting so long time to get their items back.

shipping long shipping is too long

The customs bought lipstick or lip gloss from Private Label Lipstick company, they receive their products within 5 or 7 days, fast delivery and secure protection.

high ratings liquid pink

high ratings matte

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