How do wigs perform by wearing and what kinds of wigs look most natural and authentic?

Wig is used for decoration. It can be worn as a headdress for people with bald or thin hair, or as a part of costumes, official or professional costumes or fashionable decorations and some ladies want to get their hair extensions and look more beautiful, wigs can be changed according to your appearance to some extent.

There are two kinds of Wigs, one is human hair wig and the other is synthetic fiber wig. Human Hair Wig is made of unprocessed virgin real human hair which is the natural-looking hair, of course, human hair provides the most natural look, feel and touch authentic, soft and comfortable, natural human hair not smelly, it falls and swings the same way as natural hair does, the durable time will last at least 1 or 3 years with proper care. It has high fidelity, is not easy to knot, can be baked, dyed, and permed, and is convenient for changing hairstyles. There are different styles and lengths for human hair wig including human hair bundles, lace frontal wig, lace closure wig, body wave human hair, curly wave human hair, straight human hair, water wave human hair, remy human hair, Brazilians, Malaysia, African, 8 inches, 10inches, 12inches, 14inches, 16inches, 18inches,20inches,22inches,24inches,28inches,30inches,32inches,34inches,36inches,38inches and customize any lengths for you.

Lace frontal and closure human hair wigs:

13*4 body wave human hair wigs,real human hair 13X4 frontal


closure 4*4 human hair wigs

real human hair 4X4 closure


Human hair bundles

real human hair bundles


Human Hair Wigs:

real human hair bundle

360 lace wigs:

real human hair lace wig 360

Lace Wig is composed of one lace net and 3 or 4 pieces hair bundles:

real human hair lace frontal

How do I know what size of human hair wig or lace frontal wig for my head? Don’t worry, this template measuring chart can help you a lot.


real human hair lace wig size

real human hair lace wig frontial

How to measure size of the human hair wigs?

real human hair bundles measuring way

There are more grades of human hair wig including 10A,9A,8A,7A,5A and 3A, it will depend on buyers and the requirements of their markets, of course, 10A is the best quality of human hair wigs, it’s 100% raw unprocessed virgin remy human hair, no tangling, no lice or knit; glossy clean and soft comfort, no synthetic hair or animal hair mixture.

How to tell whether I buy the best human hair wig?

A good natural-color human hair curtain weave must have the following characteristics: bleachable, dyeable, and permable. Even if you can’t dye pure light colors, you must be able to dye medium colors. The edges of the curtain are even and neat, without excessive seams or thread ends. The sewing thread is neat and the stitches are dense and even. Almost no shedding . No variegation or white hair, etc. The hair length is evenly proportioned ,the proportion of the longest part is not less than 15%, and there is soft and clean, no smelly, no knits, no lice or tangling on the hair. The hair is not cold-dyed and pressed. (To identify whether the natural color is colored, just wash the hair with hot water and a little detergent, the cold-dyed water will turn black) The hair is 100% real human hair and does not contain other fiber hair.

How much does it cost for a real human hair wig?

Real Human hair wigs will be a little expensive pick but you deserve it, the average cost from hair factory will be about $98 to $680 depending on grades and lengths, it’s the best highest quality human hair wigs so a little bit costly; if you buy from markets or wholesalers, the cost will be at least $600 to $1900, so it’s the most important for you to find a human hair wig factory near you in China to help you create your hair beauty salon business growing, for a starter, we need to reduce cost, low minimum supports , samples try and printing logo on the hair wig packaging. The human hair wigs look authentic, feel real, soft and comfort, they also can be dyed, bleached, hairstyle and wash with conditioner like real hair. Only the kind of wig made of real human hair looks the most natural, and touches soft ,comfort.

Maybe you will say it’s a bit lot for buying human hair wig, yes you’re right, it’s a little costly but for long-term consideration, it’s worthwhile to invest a real human hair wig, compared to the durable of synthetic hair wig, it lasts at least years of beautiful hair with proper maintenance, human hair wigs can be re-styled, dyed or bleached like your natural hair but synthetic hair couldn’t which is already dyed.

Where is your human hair wig from?

85% of human hair wigs and synthetic wigs in the markets come from Guangzhou and XuChang, China, hair factories locations in the world, and few from India. China hair products are famous brand and exported to all over the world.

Synthetic hair wig is composed of man-made fibers that are much more durable than human hair wigs. The most prominent advantage to synthetic wigs is that they come already styled and dyed, to hold a certain style no matter how the conditions. If you buy a premium quality synthetic wig which just looks as natural, authentic as a human hair wig. It takes you little time or maintenance to care synthetic wigs, but it’s very important for us to know more knowledge about how to care for the wigs in order to extend its use.


Product Name Wig
Material Human hair or synthetic hair
Definition Ornaments that mimic the real human hair
Headline High temperature wire, matt high temperature wire


wholesale bundle hair vendor

How to dye the synthetic hair? It seems you couldn’t dye the synthetic hair wig because Synthetic hair wig is pre-styled and dyed, here is synthetic hair wig color chart, the prominent benefits of synthetic hair is cheap, much more durable about 3 or 5 years with your proper care, it’s freedom for you to try styles and color options, less expensive than real human hair, no need to worry about styling every morning before going out, save you time.

synthetic hair wig color chart

If you want to dye or bleach wig, probably, real human hair wig is your first opt, because human hair provides the most natural-looking, it’s clean, soft, glossy, no lice, no shedding, no tangling or no animal hair mixed, you can hairstyle it depending on your choice.

How many types of your wigs and What is the difference?

Wigs belong to the hair products. The hair product is divided into: craft springs, men’s hair bundles, women’s wigs, training heads, synthetic fiber hair , etc., wigs are divided into materials: human hair, synthetic fiber, human hair mixture synthetic fiber. By areal, they are divided into Natural Lace Frontal Wig and hair pieces or hair bundles. The wig cover is a wig that is worn on the head, which is easy to wear, firm, and covers a large area and has a wide range of applications. Hair bundles can be customized into different shapes and sizes according to different needs, with strong randomness, high fidelity and good air permeability. By process, they are woven hair and handmade haircut. Woven hair is made by machines. Generally mass production, the price is low, but the authenticity is not ideal, it is heavy, and the air permeability is poor, which will easily block the hair follicles and easily get knots. The hand sculpt is made purely by hand-made, with high fidelity, good air permeability, and comfortable wearing, but the price is relatively high.

By technical method, they are divided into fully hand-woven, fully machined hair sets, semi-machined hair sets, full lace hair sets, Jewish wigs, front lace hair wig, hair bundles, 360 lace wigs. By the usage, they are Real people wear, model wigs, baby hair, animation wigs, holiday wigs, role-playing. By the sex, Men’s wigs, women’s wigs; by the length: Long hair, medium-length hair, short hair; by the styles: they are Full-head simulation hair, half-head simulation hair, top hair piece, hair bundles, hair pieces, bangs, ponytail and other styles.

How to care the wigs to extend durable lifetime?

Everyone wants to buy the best quality and much more durable human hair wig or synthetic hair wig, in fact, it’s probably, with your proper care, human hair wig can last at least 1 or 3 years and 3 or 5 years for synthetic hair wig. Let’s share some tips on caring your hair wigs:

  • Try not to be close to high temperature, because the material is not resistant to high temperature (except for high temperature wire);
  • Man-made fiber wigs or synthetic hair wigs cannot be dyed or bleached or colored, if you need trimming, please ask for a professional stylist to trim your hairstyle;
  • The combing should be gently. Wigs should be combed before use, and combed a little after putting on the wigs. For combing wigs, it is generally better to choose a sparse comb. When combing wigs, you should use the method of oblique side combing, not straight combing, and should be gently;
  • Don’t use hair clips. In order to prevent the wig from being scraped by the wind, some people like to clip the wig with a hairpin. However, do not clip your hair too hard. Otherwise, the net cover of the wig is easy to be hooked. Therefore, it is best not to use hair clips, you can use a decorative headband to fix the hair on the wig;
  • A small amount of hair shedding during the finishing and wearing is normal;
  • Put it in the original packaging if you don’t usually wear it. When you want to wear, shake it to restore to its original shape;
  • Hair extension Wigs can be tied up, but they must not be tied too high, otherwise their real hair will come out underneath;
  • When combing a longer hair wig, divide the wig into several lengths, comb it from bottom to top, be light, and be patient;
  • If the wig has been used for a long time and the knots are not good for combing, do not pull it forcefully. You should spray the wig with a special non-oily maintenance fluid and then slowly and carefully spread it;
  • Be awareness not to spray gel water, hair wax and other real hair styling agents on the wig, which will make the wig sticky;
  • Use special non-oily maintenance liquid for wigs (the method of use is also very simple: just spray a few times on the wig before putting it on) to make the wig soft and shiny and prevent static electricity, so that the wig has been kept moisturized just like just now The same when I bought it back!

how to clean hair bundles

How to Clean Human Hair wigs or synthetic hair wigs?

  • Do not get close to high temperature as much as possible, because the material of wig is not high temperature
  • Human hair wigs can be dyed, if you need trimming, you can ask a professional stylist to trim the hairstyle
  • Wigs are generally washed once every 1-2 months
  • Rinse with cold or warm water. Just use regular shampoo when washing it. It can be used with regular conditioner hair.
  • Try not to dry the cleaned wig with high-temperature wind such as a hair dryer. Use a dry towel to gently absorb the excess water on the wig and then put it in a ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight to damage the wig.
  • Do not comb the wig immediately after washing, you should wait until the wig is dry before combing
  • Use a special comb for wigs (available at different prices in the store). Plastic combs cannot be used.
  • Basically, you don’t use a comb for curling hair. You can tidy up the curled area with your hands every time


What kinds of benefits by wearing wigs?

  • Wearing a wig can play the role of appearance modification, changing the hairstyle is simple and convenient, saving time;
  • It can avoid the damage to the hair quality caused by perming, dyeing and pulling hair;
  • You can save the cost of doing hairstyles and bleaching and dyeing your hair in a hair salon, and reduce expenses;
  • The wig can be changed hair style to avoid the damage to the hair quality by frequently going to the barber shop to do hair style
  • You can try a variety of different hairstyle designs to match different fashions, so wearing wigs is increasingly being squinted by people;

Attentions of wearing wigs:

Wearing a wig generally does not cause allergies, but those who are more sensitive are not suitable to wear it. In addition, wigs will have a certain impact on the skin of the head. If people who have skin diseases such as dermatitis and eczema wear wigs, their condition may be aggravated. They will have to be worn after the skin disease is completely cured. In addition, in the hot summer weather, wearing a wig is not good for perspiration. Therefore, the wearer should choose a good quality wig when choosing a wig, preferably with a breathable net, and it is not suitable to wear it for a long time.

How do girls wear wigs naturally and beautifully? First, they should cover their hair with a headgear to prevent their hair from showing, especially the bangs. If you use a hair bundles or hair pieces, pay attention to the color of your real hair, and don’t get out of touch.

Wigs should be combed frequently with a comb to remove dust and hair sticking to the wigs, and must be cleaned regularly. After cleaning the wig, first damp it with a dry towel, and then blow it dry with a hair dryer or place it on a holder to dry naturally, which is good for health and can extend the lifetime of the wigs.

When storing the wig, wash it and put it on the holder to avoid folding.

How to wear hair extension wigs?

Hair extension Wigs are a good decoration beauty tool. When you are reluctant to subtract long hair and want to have cute short hair, you need its help. Wigs allow us to change our hairstyles when we want to change, and to change the styles we want, and have our own ever-changing lives. But many people don’t know how to wear a wig. Today, I will tell you the correct way to wear a wig step by step.

  1. First, open the small black clip on the top of the hair extension piece. The clip used for the hair extension piece is generally made of stainless steel, which has a certain degree of flexibility. There will be a “pop” sound when opened; so in some places it is also called a pop clip.

Secondly, I have to comb my hair. Tousled hair is not conducive to wearing hair extensions.

3. Tie up a part of your top hair, and fix the opened black clip in the position you want to fix.

Fourth, put down the tied hair; finally, in order to be beautiful and hide the hair extension piece, you need to comb your hair and the wig of the hair extension piece together again with a comb.

How to choose hair wigs?

Generally, there are many opts for wigs including human hair wigs, bobo hair wigs, human hair bundles, virgin human hair, lace front wig, brazilian hair, Pre-bonded Hair Extension, human hair weft, human hair weaving, human hair curtain, tape hair extension, clip in/on hair extension, remy human hair extension, Peruvian virgin natural hair, Indian virgin natural hair, keratin pre-boned U/I/Flat tip hair,100% human hair wigs, 100% synthetic hair wigs, and synthetic fiber hair, toupee and hair accessories, full lace wig, long curly lace frontal human hair wig, straight human hair. Among these wigs, how to choose one suitable for yourself? We could pick up according to styles and face, let’s share:

Long face type: The hair can be made into a curly and wavy style, which can increase the elegant taste. You should choose a loose and elegant hairstyle with a little messy in order;

Round face shape: Choose straight hair with a high top and close-fitting on both sides. The longitudinal lines of straight hair can visually reduce the width of the round face;

Square face: It is not advisable to keep straight bangs, you can use asymmetrical bangs, short straight hair from the tail to the cheek;

Triangular face shape: It can be selected according to the proportional relationship between the face shape and the hairstyle. The hair above the ears should be fluffy when combing;

Inverted triangle face shape: Choose an asymmetrical hair style with split side slits, revealing a full forehead, and the tips of the hair can be slightly rough and messy.

Thanks for your watching, we are happy to share together!

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