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Can you do Private Label Cosmetics with Dropshipping?

Are you stuck in a situation where you want to start a private label cosmetics business but can’t find the right fit vendors? Or want to open an online store but don’t want to stock up either? It’s really a headache problem for a starter or the people who only focus on sales & research markets, for starters, they don’t have enough capital or experience, just want to try; and for creation & marketing guys, they have little time or cost to concentrate on production, choosing styles, transportation and etc.

Private label lipstick factory completely understand your concerns, with over 15-year experience in creating private label cosmetics and mature formulations plus well-skilled RD staff, introducing new production concept, I am sure private label cosmetics manufacturer is your very best supplier of dropshipping.

private label cosmetics collection

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping refers to the act of delivering goods directly to end consumers in order to meet the sales convenience of the third party and help them complete the sale in economic life. Generally, the sender and the seller are separate, that is to say, they are not the same subject. For example, Party A is the supplier and Party B is the seller. Party A authorizes Party B to sell Party A’s products, and Party A replaces Party B to deliver goods, while Party B is only responsible for sales and service.

Is cosmetics product good for dropshipping?

Normally, all products including makeup products are suitable for dropshipping, as long as you making an agreement with your sellers or senders who are willing to do dropshipping for you. Private label lipstick vendors supplying a full range of cosmetics from lip products, eye makeup, face, wig to body care accessories, we not only have them in sufficient stock but can do private label printing your brand name logo, then dropship to your customers directly from our factory. During dropshipping period, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • no inventory worries, saving you money on rent warehouse and cost on store both online and offline, if you have orders, just call or contact us, our sale team will reply you within 10 minutes to confirm the details about yours orders. 99% starters have this problem, they don’t want to stock more stuff because they really don’t know how well it goes, now dropshipping service provided by private label cosmetics factory is the very best smart way.
  • no need to purchasing raw material, test formulas, taking photos or worry production, in this step, save you cost & time on walking around the markets for purchase, how to make each ingredient combination better, the colors percentage, the finish & texture whether fits users, then sampling in testing room for trial and production, we have thousands of styles, all of them are new generation development and mature recipe, never out of fashion, you can choose from our catalogue or we will introduce our best selling cosmetics to you, or you can sell full of them and see which ones are the popular among of your customers. We offer HD images to display to your customers. This is the most important process on making cosmetics like lip gloss/lipstick/liquid lipstick, eyeshadow, highlighter, concealer, lip liner pencils because there are different colors in separate products. It will take us skills, professional technican, strong RD abilities, rich experience, advanced facilities/equipments in qualified GMPC workshops.
  • no need to take time and efforts on packing and delivery, save you cost on hiring additional packing employees and shipping because we have a huge & convenient delivery chains, skilled & professional workers to pack your orders that do utmost to avoid damage during long distance transit, and enjoy a better shipping cost
  • you don’t take any responsible for risks but earn money in your part-time job. Fully free to choose styles what you want or be interested in, under our experience, for starter, 5 or 10 styles are the best choice to try your markets.
  • no extra charge on dropshipping, if you cooperate with our factory, 100% no extra invisible charges when we do dropshipping for you, the whole cost is the cost of the product+ air shipping cost.
  • no need to spend more time on taking pictures, all pictures taken by our professional photography, no watermark, High Definition images, if you are complained by someone asking for original images, we offer you to solve that problem.

By dropshipping cosmetic products from private label lipstick factory, no worries about styles and quality, we develop new generation makeup products every month under research international fashion shows to ensure keeping the path & meeting the demands of consumers.

We use food-grade recipe/ingredients, natural extraction plant, no paraben preservatives in our make-up cosmetics, vegan and not tested on animals. We encourage all the people who want to cooperate with us to try our samples before making agreement of dropshipping, we guarantee what you seen is what you will get, all samples sent out are from real ready-made goods, we care what you care. if you sell on some platforms where needs authority to be released, that’s okay, we afford that to you.

How do I start a private label cosmetic dropshipping?

Private label cosmetic dropshipping is that ship the third-party makeup products, but those cosmetics which could be relabeled as your own brand name/logo, then directly delivery to customers, no handling in person or without storing any inventory yourself. It offers maximum flexibility in what you sell to your customers, how you transport to them, and how the cosmetics are repackaged.

Let’s take an example of starting a private label lip products and eye shadow palette, lip makeup products including lip gloss, lipstick, liquid lipstick, lip liner pencils, lip palette and eyeshadow, these products are already made by our factory such as formulations, packaging, texture, finish, capacity, you just need to try them and make a decision, then send us a confirmation whether they are right for you. If you need real products to test in person, that’s no problem, we can send you few pieces for try. After your approval, we start to print your own label/brand logo on the product and packaging.

We will store them in our warehouse and make a record sheet when private label lip cosmetics finished production, if your customers order and pay for you, you can contact your VIP staff for dropshipping details including the buyers’ name, phone and shipping address, all of our VIP sale staff are trained well before work, full of professional & rich experience, after every order shipment, we will make a record in a data sheet in order to check your private label lip gloss stock anytime as well as sending you a copy record for file and see when and how to restock because there are many color shades in lip products, sometimes, a few shades are hot selling, every customer wants to buy, you need to restore according to record sheet to meet the needs of the buyers, it is a little embarrassed if lack of stock when customers place order, it will leave a bad using experience. The same steps on private label eye shadow, highlighter, mascara, facial mask sheet paper, for more private label on makeup, this post will be helpful to you.

Example of inventory data record:

Private label Cosmetics inventory data record for dropshipping

Our warehouse:

dropshipping warehouse

How do you spy on dropshippers?

This is concerning sincerity & honesty while spying on dropshippers. First we need to trust each other, all cooperation should be built based on trust. Secondly, of course, we take responsible for keeping your customers’ document in privacy, never put a note referring our company’s information together with your customers’ shipment, we will take videos when packing. Each shipment done, we send you air tracking number from DHL, UPS, FedEx or EMS which will take you about 5 or 10 days to all over the world, so you can trace and monitor the status together with your customers. Dropshipping agreement:

Party A and Party B have reached the following cooperation agreement through friendly negotiation, here Party A means you or who want to find dropshipper; Party B means private label factory;

  1. Party A entrusts party B dropshipping, if damage or loss of products when transportation, due to mistakes of courier, party B shall take responsible for settlement within 24 hours with couriers, and refund or reship to customers.
  2. Due to poor customer service, less satisfaction of your customers, who requested to return, it shall be responsible by party A.
  3. Party B should take responsibility of dropshipping good quality and instant delivery products; If lack of stock, party B should email to Party A 7 business days ahead to reduce any loss, otherwise, all be borne by Party B.
  4. The shipping costs of forth and back will be charged by Party B if quality problem or wrong products shipped out.
  5. Party A is obliged to abide by Party B’s delivery time regulations: the orders paid time from 00am to 17:00pm every day will be dropshipped out without delay; Orders that exceed the above specified time will be shipped the next day, but Party B can’t promise the arrival date of the products because there are uncertain factors during long distance transit, anyway, we will send you air tracking number within 24 hours after order ships out.
  6. The cooperation air courier is DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS, among these couriers, we don’t allow designated, all will be dropshipping randomly, Party B will forward the recent air cost details to Party A, due to air transportation fuel and air freight rising, the air cost will be adjusted accordingly by courier, Party B will send a copy note to Party A as soon as we get any notice from courier. For repackaging, due to cosmetic products with fragile characters, generally speaking, we use foam to wrap the product then put them into the shipping boxes,10-15pcs weigh about 0.5kg, for international parcels, the air courier calculates the cost based on fact weight and dimension weight( the size of box: Length*width*hight/6000), they will charge the maximum weight compared to fact weight and dimension weight, meaning, if the fact weight of parcel is 0.35kg, the dimension weight is 0.9kg, so they will charge cost as 0.9kg, the initial weight is 0.5kg, if the weight less than 0.5kg, it should be charged as 0.5kg.It’s the rule and regulation issued by international courier, we just clarify the details here.
  7. Products qualified documents: Party B should afford related product certificate and test reports and brand sale authority.
  8. Party A is obliged to boost and maintain Party B’s brand to some extent.
  9. Payment terms: in advance payment online transfer.
  10. A wide range of product images and pricelist attachment provided by Party B.
Is dropshipping private label cosmetics profitable?

It’s really a trick question but we are confident to tell you, yes, much better profitable on dropshipping private label cosmetics, for example, supplier quoted you $30 at wholesale, you marked the retail price at $80, when your customer order product from your store or online site and pays you, then you forward the order to wholesale vendor, after customer received the private label cosmetic products including eye shadow palette, you can earn $80-$30=$50, very easy and no risk. What do you think whether is profitable?

From the research report on professional data, the food and personal care product is estimated to keep exceeding 30% over the expected period. Promoting consumer spending on skincare products, perfumes, cosmetics, and other personal care products is prospective to drive the food and personal care segment growth.

Is dropshipping profitable global dropshipping rising dramatically

Does aliexpress do private labeling?

In fact, aliexpress is a platform where suppliers make their products displayed on and open to search for customers, it is not a factory or vendor, so it doesn’t offer private labeling service. If you need to find dropshippers, it’s smart for you to look for real manufacturers, it will be cut off middle price, they can give you wholesale price whatever how many pieces you buy thus you will get maximum profit when selling products.

How about your advice on dropshipping cosmetic products? We are more than happy to hear your voice, that would be greatly helpful to us if you could leave your esteemed comments or share with us directly.

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